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proelium, proelii (m.)
battle, combat, fight (pl. warriors)
expugno, expugnare, expugnavi, expugnatus
to storm, plunder, defeat, break into
hiems, hiemis (f.)
winter; cold; storm
gero, gerere, gessi, gestus [bellum gerere]
to bear, carry (in one's hands); to carry out, do, transact; to spend, pass time [to wage war]
equitatus, equitatus (m.)
reliquus, reliquua, reliquum (adj.) [reliquum est + inf./ut][reliquum aliquid facere]
remaining, left over, left (adj.) [it only remains to...][to leave something behind]
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptus
to take; accept
agmen, agminis (n.)
herd, flock, troop, crowd; army column; body, mass
accio, accire, accivi, accitus [mortem sibi accire]
to call; send for; invite [to commit suicide]
acies, aciei (f.)
sharpness; keenness of vision; eyesight; mental power; battle/battle array/battleline
aliquot (indecl. numeral)
animadverto, animadvertere, animadverti, animadvertus
to turn toward; notice; realize; criticize; punish
autem (adv.)
however (adv.)
beneficium, beneficii (n.)
favour (n.)
caedo, caedere, cecidi, caesus (cf. cado, cadere, cecidi)
to strike (cf. to fall)
cedo, cedere, cessi, cessus
(tr.) to grant, concede, yield; (intr.) to walk, go away; to pass (time)
certamen, certaminis (f.) [certatim (adv.)]
contest, battle, combat [in rivalry (adv.)]
cingo, cingere, cinxi, cinctus
to encircle
circiter (+ acc.) [or adv.]
about, roughly (prep.) [about, nearly, approximately]
coepio, coepere, coepi, coeptus
to begin
conor, conari, conatus sum (dep.)
(tr.) to try
consuetudo, consuetudinis (f.)
custom, habit
coram (adv.)
face to face (adv.)
corona, coronae (f.)
crown; ring of soldiers
creber, crebra, crebrum (adj.)
numerous, crowded (adj.)
cunctor, cunctari, cunctatus sum [cunctatu brevi] (dep.)
to hesitate, delay, linger [after a brief moment's hesitation]
cupio, cupere, cupivi [ii], cupitus
to desire, want
dedo, dedere, dedidi, deditus
to give up, surrender
desum, desesse, defui, defuturus
to fall short; fail
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessus
to depart, go away; cease from
diu (adv.)
for a long time (adv.)
paulisper (adv.)
for a short while (adv.)
paulatim (adv.)
gradually, a few at a time, little by little (adv.)
doceo, docere, docui, doctus
to tell, inform, teach
egredior, egredi, egressus sum (dep.)
to march out; go forth
frumentum, frumenti (n.)
grain, the grain supply
genus, generis (n.)
birth, race, tribe
hortor, hortari, hortatus sum (dep.)
to encourage, incite, cheer on (as with soldiers)
idoneus, idonea, idoneum (adj.)
suitable, fitting, good for... (adj.)
inde (adv.)
thence, hence, from that place (adv.)
interdum (adv.)
from time to time; occasionally (adv.)
item (adv.)
in the same way; likewise (adv.)
obses, obsidis (m.f.)
obsidio, obsidionis (f.)
blockade, siege
oportet, oportere, oportuit (v. impers.)
ought, should (v. impers.)
paene (adv.)
nearly, almost (adv.)
pateo, patere, patui (v.intr.)
to be open, to be exposed, to be clear
patior, pati, passus sum (dep.)
to put up with, submit, allow (sexually)
posco, poscere, poposci ( - weaker than flagito)
to ask, request, beg, demand
potestas, potestatis (f.)
power, rule
praeda, praedae (f.)
booty plunder, loot
praeterea (conj.)
besides, moreover (conj.)
pretium, pretii (n.)
price, value; prize
prex, precis (usually plural: preces)
request, entreaty, prayer, imprecation
pridem (adv.)
long ago, formerly, previously
puto, putare, putavi, putatus
to think, consider, ponder; trim
queror, quesri, questus sum
( to complain about, lament; (intr.) to complain (to chirp - birds)
scutum, scuti (m.)
large shield
telum, teli (n.)
long spear, weapon, sword, knife
tuba, tubae (f.)
a straight trumpet
vadum, vadi (n.)
a fjord on a river, shallow shoals, the sea
valles, vallis (f.) (or vallis, vallis)
valley, vale, a hollow
velut (conj.)
just as, just as if (conj.)
vix (adv.)
hardly, barely, scarcely (adv.)
aegre (adv.)
scarcely, painfully, with difficulty
parco, parcere, perpeci, parsurus
to spare, use sparingly
occido, occidere, occidi, occasus
to fall, fall down (as in the setting of the sun)