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What uniform does CACO wear to notify next of kin?
Dress Uniform
If death occurs overseas, how long will it normally take for the remains to be returned to the local funeral home
7-10 days
How long can NOK reside in Navy quarters or obtain a housing allowance?
180 days
how much will navy allow towards funeral expenses?
1,750 towards inital prep and max of 3,100 if remains are shipped to private cemetery interment (2000, if a gov cemetery interment), or 110 if remains are sent directly to gov interment
How much will navy allow for memorial services if the remains are not recovered?
2000 max
Does the navy require permission of NOK before ordering an autopsy
no, co has the authority by law.
who completes funeral expse reimbursement claim (dd 1375) and to whom is it submitted
person making funeral arrangements (NOK) to Naval office of medial/dental affairs mortuary affairs branch
who is entitled to a flag
one to spouse, one for parents (if together) or two if parents live seperately.
who provides the headstone
department of veterans affairs
to whom are member's personal effects shipped to
executor/administrator o9f estate named in last will and testament, if none to spouse, if none to children, if none to parents.
How much is the death gratuity
how long does spouse have to relocate at gov. expense
one year
does spouse's enrollment in tricare-active duty family member dental plan end on the date of death of sponsor?
no, enrollment is extended 12 months
does reporting someone's sponsor DUSTWUN/Missing/or Captured have any effect on the dependents privileges and benefits?
Is CACO duties or normal Navy duties more important
CACO responsibilities normally take precedence