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what is a cable system?
It's the process where a log is moved from stump site to landing by using cables and winches
Are cable systems less dependent on weather?
Yes they are because they can work in wet weather, because they log are air born or at least one end is.
Is ground disturbance less in cable systems or ground systems?
Cable systems because there are no skid roads or trails present.
Disadvantages Vs. tractor yarding.
cable systems have a higher operation cost then tractor skidding dose and they don't eliminate the need for machines
What is Harvest intensity?
amount being being produced:
low- the harvest per acre is high
high- the harvest per acre is low
Partial Harvest
Harvesting only half of the whole harvest intended
Large winches powerd by diesel engines
Powers the wire rope to move the turns
Operational Drum
The main wire rope that carries the turn from stump site
Hole Back Line
Powers the cable that drags the main line from the landing back to the stump site
Straw Lines
trasfers power from littles cables to setup the large cables
Storage for the straw line
Lift structures
lifting mechanism that lifts the turns
round steel rod looks like a car antenna hold the pullys for the main lines
Main Lines
Pulls turns from stump site