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Name 3 simple screening tests for gross hearing acuity.
- rub fingers together
- whisper test
- watch test
- talking to pt
Name 2 tests to eval a pt with abnormal gross auditory acuity.
- Webber (lateralization)
- Rinne (air./bone conduction)
What is confrontation assessing? How do you do it?
- visual fields
- fingers from sides
4 tests to evaluate consolidation of lungs:
- Percussion
- tactile fremitus
- whispered pectoriloquy
- egophony
- bronchophony
Name 2 tests to eval a pt's respiratory movement.
- diaprhagmatic excursion
- respiratory expansion
Pt presents with RUQ pain. Name most relevant test. What is the most likely diagnosis
- murphy's sign test
- pain with inspiration on palpation of R costal margin
- cholecystitis
Name and describe test for flank and lower back pain.
CVA tenderness
- tap on CVA to assess for pain
Name 4 tests useful in suspected peritonitis or appendicitis/
- Rebound tenderness
- Psoas sign
- Obturator sign,
- Rovsings (reverse rebound)
Name and perform test for DVT/
Homan's sign. (sharp dorsiflexion of affected ankle)

Straight leg raise
Name and describe test to assess patency of the arterial blood supply to the hand.
- Allen's test
- patency of the ulnar and radial arteries
Name and describe test to check MCL integrity.
- Valgus (distal hand on internal lower leg, proximal hand on lateral upper leg)
Name and describe test to assess LCL integrity
- Varus (distal hand on external lower leg, proximal hand on medial upper leg)
Name 2 maneuvers to assess ACL integrity and describe.
1. Lachman's test - holding leg straight
2. Anterior drawer test -
Name and describe maneuver used to assess the PCL.
Posterior drawer test
What test will assess the muscle integrity of the supraspinatus?
Empty can test
Describe 2 tests to assess carpal tunnel syndrome.
1. Phalen's test (post hands together)

2. Tinel's test (tap on carpal tunnel to elicit pain)
Name and describe test to assess acromio-clavicular injury.
Cross-over test
Name and describe test to assess achilles integrity.
Thompson test (knee at 90 deg)
Give indication for mcmurray's test and describe.
- Meniscal tear
- figure 8 ish motion
Describe test to assess SI joint.
- FAbEr
- flexion
- abduction
-external rotation
Name 2 tests to assess for meningeal irritation.
- Brudzinski's test: Pt supine, lift head, look for knee/hip flexion in response. If bending, positive test. If neg, doesn't help.

- Kernig's Test: pt supine, flex at hip and knee (90deg), then passively extend knee to assess for pain
NName 5 tests to assess for a deficit of discriminative sensory ability.
- Sterognosis: ID object in hand
- Graphesthesia: trace number in hand
- Vibratory sense
- Joint position
- light touch
- 2 point descrim
- Sharp/dull
Describe point localization & extinction
- Localization: touch pt with eyes closed. Have them ID where you touched

- Touch 2 points, if they feel only 1 it's extinction