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A sun-dried brick made of mud and straw.
What is an Adobe? p.104
Deeply respected and usually having religious meaning.
What is Sacred? p. 105
A soldier who fights outside a regular army, often against a government.
What is a Guerrilla? p. 105
Any dense forest that grows in a warm, moist area; a tropical _______ _______ is near the equator.
What is a Rain Forest? p.107
A crop grown to be sold; a cash crop usually provides a farmer's or landowner's main source of income. Ex. cotton, tobacco, soybeans,
What is a Cash Crop? p.107
A leader with who rules with complete power. Ex. Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro
What is a Dictator? p. 109
A rebel fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaraqua.
What is a Contra? p. 109
An international organization whose purpose is to keep peace between nations.
What is the United Nations?
The only Central American country which was settled by England, not Spain. Its capital is Belmopan. Borders Quatemala in west & Mexico in north on the Caribbean Sea. Descendants of the Mayans(60%)& African slaves (40%)live make up population.
What is Belize? p.103
A C.A. country between Mexico (N)& Belize(E), Honduras (SE)& El Salvador(S). Nearly 50% of population is pure-blooded American Indians w/ 40% ladinos or mestizos.
What is Guatemala? p. 102.
A country in C.A. which is poor and has history of military rule. Capital is Tegucigalpa. Borders Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Pacific & Caribbean.
What is Honduras? p. 102
The smallest most densly populated C.A. country. Borders Guatemala, Honduras,& Pacific. Capital is San Salvador.
What is El Salvador? p. 102.
The largest C.A. country, about the size of New York state. Borders Honduras (N), Costa Rica (S), Pacific (W) & Caribbean Sea (E). Capital is Managua.
What is Nicaragua? p. 102
A C.A. country with stable government, generally peaceful needing no army. Capital is San Jose and borders Nicaragua (N), Panama (SE), Pacific (W) & Caribbean (E)
What is Costa Rica? p. 102.
A C.A. country occupying the thinnest part of Isthmus. The U.S.A. built the _______ Canal across its land after assisting a rebellion to take over the government under Pres. Teddy Roosevelt.
Connects Atlantic & Pacific Oceans via canals, locks, and lakes.
What is Panama? p. 103.