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A thin, protective covering around a cell.
What is a Cell Membrane?
Present in plant not animal cell.
A jellylike substance that fills a cell.
What is Cytoplasm?
Cyto = inside plasm = cell
A part in a cell that floats in the cytoplasm and helps the cell to carry out life functions.
What is an Organelle?
A general term for all the parts inside cell that helps in life functions.
The part of a cell that controls all the other parts - plural is Nuclei.
What is the Nucleus?
Control Center for cell
Structures in a cell that release most of a cell's energy?
What is Mitochondria? (myt-oh-KAHN-dree-uh) Plural is mitochondrian.
Equivalent of the alternator or engine in a car.
A structure in a cell that stores food,
water, or wastes.
What is a Vacuole?
Cell organelle for storage of food, water or wastes.
A part in a plant cell that uses sunlight to make food.
What is a Chloroplast?
Plant cell organelle that makes food.
A thick, stiff covering around some cells, such as plant cells.
What is a Cell Wall?
Semipermeable allowing some chemicals to enter/leave cell dependant on whether it is nutrient or waste.
A group of cells that work together to do a certain job.
What is Tissue?
Cell composition that has a specialized purpose in an organism.
A group of tissues that work together to do a certain job.
What is an Organ?
Ex. heart, lungs, digestive system, kidneys, Each has a specific function.
The division of the nucleus of a cell.
What is Mitosis?
Each nucleus ends up with the same number and kinds of chromosomes as the original cell.
A thick strand of nuclear material that passes on traits from the parent cell to the daughter cells during cell reproduction.
What is a Chromosome?
As a eukaryotic cell prepares to divide, the DNA coil and the proteins with the DNA coil into this structure.
The type of cellular reproduction that produces sex cells. It has two phases which are subdivided into prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase stages.
What is Meiosis?
Cell division that halves the number of chromosomes when forming specialized reproductive cells, such as gametes or spores.