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Taxes based on the payroll of a business
payroll taxes
a business form showing details of all items affecting payments made to an employee
employee's earnings record
a business form on which all payroll information is recorded
payroll register
the period covered by a salary payment
pay period
the total amount paid to all employees for a pay period
contributions made by employees to be received by them at retirement
cpp contributions
a deducation used to pay benefits to unemployed workers
unemployment insurance
a deducation form total earning fro each periosn legally supported by a taxpayer
tax credit
the total pay due for a pay period before deductions
total earnings
a special device used to write the same information at one time on severla forms
recording information on several forms iwth one writing
write it once princple
basic medical protection plan available to Canadians in all provinces
basic health care premiums
the portion of a fixed asset's cost transferred to an expense account in each fiscal period during a fixed assets useful life
charging an equal amount of depreciation expense for a fixed asset each fiscal period
straight line method of depreciation
the total amount of depreciation expense that has been recorded since the purchase of a fixed asset
accumulated depreciation