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An inexpensive paper used mainly for newpapers.
What is Newsprint?
a cheap, recycleable paper for distributing news and advertising
A low land area across which boats and their cargo can be carried.
What is a Portage?
The Isthmus of Panama was a portage area prior to the construction of the Panama Canal.
To send an ethnic group out of a country due to prejudice or war.
What does Deport mean?
French settlers in Nova Scotia were forced to move to French Louisiana because of war with England.
A territory or sphere of influence.
What is a Dominion?
synonym is "Realm" or "sovereinty over"
A lawmaking body that governs a Province with a Prime Minister as the political chief executive.
What is Parliament?
Executive law-making body of England & Canada.
A region beyond the center of a country or city (ex. eastern Canada)
What is the Hinterland?
land adjacent to and inland from a coast
A mineral and important raw material for manufacturing fertilizers.
What is Potash?
Ex. Regina, Saskatchewan is the center of mining for this mineral used in making fertilizer and gunpowder.
A landform in the Canadian North; a forested swamp that melts only in summer's mosquito breeding season.
What is a Muskeg?
tundra melts and hatches mosquitoes in summer
Giving Political and emotional support for one's region before giving support for one's country.
What is Regionalism?
Ex. The Southern Heritage