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Nomadic peoples who herded domesticated animals.
Who were Patoralists? (Pastoralism) p.330
constantly moving following a seasonal pattern for food and using animals to make food, clothing and housing.
The "Universal Ruler" of the Mongol clans. The clan leader "Temujin" sought to unify Mongol clans under his leadership. He defeated his rivals & in 1206 accepted the title Genghis Khan. Conquered much of Asia including China & Islamic region west of Mongolia.
Who was Genghis Khan?
"Universal Ruler" of the Mongol Empire who was driven by revenge & conquest to control Central Asia.
"Mongol Peace" from the mid-1200s - mid 1300s the Mongols imposed stability, law and order across much of Eurasia. They guaranteed safe passage for trade caravans, travelers, & missionaries across their empire.
What was the Pax Mongolica?
This period of Mongol history was good for trade, spread of goods & ideas. The disease of Bubonic Plague and use of gunpowder spread from Mongol traders & troops into Europe.
Grandson of Genghis Khan assumed the title Great Khan in 1260 ruling the Mongol Empire which was split into four Khanates. He ruled Mongolia, Tibet, Korea, & N. China. Founded the Yuan Dynasty lasting until 1368.
Controlled & opened China to foreign trade & contacts. Built capital at Beijung & summer palace at Shangdu. Failed in conquest of Japan in 1274 & 1281 by using a huge naval invasion that was repelled by Japanese warriors & a Typhoon (Kamikase winds)
Who was Kublai Khan?
p. 335.
Considered one of Chinas's greatest foreign Emperors. Other descendents of Ghenghis Khan ruled Central Asia, Persia, & Russia as semi-independent states.
A Venetian trader who visited China by caravan on the Silk Roads with his father & uncle in 1275. He was used by Kublai as an envoy to many Chinese cities on government missions. Polo served the Khan well for 17 yrs. & in 1292 the Polos left China to journey back to Venice in Italy. He was imprisoned during the fighting between Venice & Genoa. While in prison he told his stories to travelers & adventurers of the use of Coal as fuel, government records & Chinese life. His book was published by a fellow prisoner & became a huge success in Europe.
Who was Marco Polo?
p. 337.
A caravan trader who described Kublai Khan to Europeans. His impressions of China were recorded in a book but little is known of his life.