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What is the alveolar gas equation?
How much of the O2 delivered to the cell ends up in the mitochondria?
What is the normal resting cellular metabolism?
250mL O2/min
What is Fick's Law?
How is O2 carried in bld?
Hgb, dissolved
What is the solubility coefficient of O2?
0.003 mL of O2/100mL of blood/torr
How much O2 does Hb carry?
1.34ml O2/gm Hb
What is the best indicator of tissue function?
level of O2 in mixed venous blood
What is normal pCO2?
What is the only type of RF with normal A:a gradient?
alveolar hypoventilation
What type of disorders causes RF with normal lungs?
GBS, MG, Intracerebral catastrophes, overdose, ondine's curse, bulbar polimyelitis, encephalitis, post-cervical chordotomy, myotomy