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Is C++ useful?
Yes, though not perfect
Is C++ perfect?
No, goal was for it to be practical
What's great about OO?
Best way for developing large, complex software systems
Is C++ object-oriented?
Is C++ better than Ada?
- Choice of language often dictated more by business considerations, rather than technical considerations
Who uses C++?
Many companies & organizations
How long does it take to learn C++?
6-12 months to become proficient in OO/C++
What are some features of C++, from business perspective?
- Huge installed base
- Provide simplified interfaces to component
- Operator overloading
- Localizes access to component
- Reduces tradeoff between safety (protect data) and usability (support multiple instances)
- inline'ing maintains safety while helping performance
- Inheritance and dynamic binding (old code can call new code)
Are virtual functions central to OO/C++?
Yes, critical for C++ to be object-oriented
Why is dynamic binding (virtual functions) so important?
It allows old (already-written) code to call new code
Is C++ backward compatible with ANSI C?
- C++ requires prototypes
- f() indicates function w/no parameters, rather than variable # of parameters
Is C++ standardized?
- ANSI C++
- ISO C++
Where can I get copy of ISO/ANSI C++ standard?
Search ANSI web site for doc #14882
What are some good C++ interview questions?
- Rely on someone w/technical expertise in C++
- Use C++ FAQs for list of questions