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Two basic components of project control?
Monitoring and control
A means of understanding what is happening on a project, obtaining information about the project by some means.
Action taken in response to the the information obtained by monitoring.
On these types of projects it is best to print out a network that is broken down by subgroups, such as designated areas on the project or specified crafts
Very complex projects
Very common to include on project schedules, especially where major purchases are involved.
Procurement activities
Structural bar joists, pressure pumps for sprinkler systems, electrical panels, electrical controllers, chillers, air handling units, or any other large and expensive items
Long-lead items
Adjustments made to a network after discrepancies are noted.
______ consists of two parts, accurate information about the schedule status of a project and actions taken in response to the statue reports
Project Control
What happens when the owner is responsible for a delay?
Contractor will be granted time extension and additional costs where warrented
What happens when the contractor is responsible for delay?
Contractor will not be granted time or costs and may have to pay damages/penalties.
What happens when neither party is responsible for delay on a project (act of God).
contractor will receive additional time to complete the project, but no costs will be granted and no damages/penalties assessed
What happens when both parties are responsible for a delay?
Contractor will receive additional time to complete the project, but no costs will be granted and no damages/penalties assessed
In cases where an owner is responsible for a delay contractors receive what?
More time and money
Schedule that is developed subsequent to an update on the schedule with the purpose of recovering lost time in a project schedule while minimizing the cost of a project
Recovery schedule
Difference between a recovery schedule and an updated schedule?
An updated schedule reflects the reality of the current status of the project, with no changes being made to the logic or durations pertaining to activities, while a recovery schedule reflects changes in the incomplete portion of the schedule.
When is a recovery schedule needed?
When the schedule completion date, based on the updated schedule, goes beyond the planned project completion date, when certain activities with positive float quickly lose a large portion of the float so that the activities might become critical or generate multiple critical paths.
Reflect the actual occurrence times for all major project activities.
As-built schedules.
______ enable and facilitate both mobility of the project schedule and multiple-user access to the schedule.
A value assigned to each activity to help organize the activities into manageable groups.
Activity Code
A calender that applies to all of the activities in a project.
Base calender
Original schedule created at the beginning of the project against which the project's progress in measured.
Baseline Schedule
Consolidating the subtasks within their respective summary tasks so that only the summary tasks are shown.
Collapsing the schedule
A restriction imposed on the start date, finish date, or other aspect of an activity.
The date used as the starting point for schedule calculations
Data date
Vertical line on a Gantt chart
Data date line
Showing subtasks within their respective summary tasks
Expanding the schedule
Searching through the project activities and showing only the activities that match specific criteria
A change that affects all of a projects activities
Global change
Appearance of schedule on the computer screen.
line that connects the bars of linked tasks on a Gantt chart to show logic relationships
Link Line
Process by which relationships between activities are created.
Zero duration activity that signifies the start of finish of an activity or group of activities.
Milestone Activities
Circular logic within a network of activities that prevents progression across or through the network.
Network loop
A bar on a Gantt chart that represents the progress of an activity
Progress Bar
a Calendar that applies to a specific resource to define when the resource is available.
Resource calendar
Interrupting a task so that part of it is completed later in the project.
Splitting a task
A minor task typically representing detailed effort
A task representing a general activity of construction
Summary Task
Entails an examination of the disbursement and receipt of funds
Cash flow analysis of a project
how much of a project is labor?
Two categories of equipment
Equipment owned by the company and equipment leased
What does 2% 10, net 30 mean?
A 2 percent discount is given if the invoice is paid by the 10th of the month and that the payment will be delinquent if the full amount is not paid by the 30th
When someone else has control of the property for not paying bills
Reveals is surplus funds are available during construction and establishes the appropriate markup to apply on a bid
Cash flow analysis
Increasing or decreasing an activity's duration will lead to what?
Increased direct cost for that activity
Why will decreasing a project's duration lead to lower indirect costs?
Most indirect costs are variable
How can a project's duration be decreased?
By decreasing the duration of one or more activities on the critical path
Solution that is based on each activity being performed in it normal least cost manner
All Normal
Finding a project duration that minimizes total cost by paying more to decrease activities.
Least Cost
The absolute minimum time a project can be shortened
Least Time
Every individual activity has been shortened as much as possible.
All Crash
The determination of how much work has been performed on the basis of what was budgeted for the work that has actually be completed
Earned value
SV>0 Ahead
CV>0 under budget
What is the primary problem relating CBS to WBS?
The lack of common or compatible data and reporting unit.