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cabal (n)
small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests
cache (n)
hiding place
cacophonous (adj)
discordant, inharmonious
cadence (n)
rhythmic rise and fall; beat
cajole (v)
coax, wheedle
callous (adj)
hardened, unfeeling
callow (adj)
youthful, immature, inexperienced
calumny (n)
malicious misrepresentation; slander
cameo (n)
shell or jewel carved in relief; star's special appearances in a minor role in a film
canard (n)
unfounded rumor, exaggerated report
candor (n)
frankness, open honesty
canny (adj)
shrewd, thrifty
canon (n)
collection or authoritative list of books; rule or standard set by ecclesiastical authority
cant (n)
insincere expressions of piety; jargon of thieves
cantankerous (adj)
ill-humored, irritable
cantata (n)
story set to music, to be sung by a chorus
canter (n)
slow gallop
canto (n)
division of a long poem
canvass (v)
determine or seek opinions, votes, etc.
capacious (adj)
capillary (adj)
having a very fine bore
capitulate (v)
captious (adj)
carapace (n)
shell covering the back of a turtle, crab, etc
carcinogenic (adj)
causing cancer
cardinal (adj)
careen (v)
lurch; sway from side to side
carillon (n)
a set of bells capable of being played
carnage (n)
destruction of life
carousal (n)
drunken revel
carping (n)
petty criticism; fault-finding
carrion (n)
rotting flesh of a dead body
cataclysm (n)
deluge, upheaval
cataract (n)
great waterfall; eye abnormality
catcall (n)
shout of disapproval, boo
catechism (n)
book of religious instruction; instruction of question and answer
categorical (adj)
without exceptions; unqualified, absolute
catharsis (n)
purging or cleansins of any passage of the body
cathartic (n)
caucus (n)
private meeting of members of a party to select officers or determine policy
caulk (v)
to make watertight (by plugging seams)
caustic (adj)
burning; sarcastically biting
cauterize (v)
burn with hot iron or caustic
cavalcade (n)
procession; parade
cavalier (adj)
casual and offhand; arrogant
cavil (v)
make frivolous objections
cede (v)
yield (title, territory) to; surrender formally
censure (v)
blame; criticize
centripetal (adj)
tending towards the center
cerebration (n)
certitude (n)
cession (n)
yielding to another, ceding
chaff (n)
worthless products of an endeavor
chaffing (adj)
bantering; joking
chalice (n)
goblet, consecrated cup
chase (v)
ornament the metal surface by indenting
chassis (n)
framework and working parts of an automobile
check (v)
to stop motion; curb, restrain
checkered (adj)
marked by changes in fortune
chide (v)
chisel (v)
swindle or cheat; cut with a chisel
chivalrous (adj)
courteous, faithful, brave
chortle (v)
chuckle with delight
ciliated (adj)
having minute hairs
circlet (n)
small ring, band
circumspect (adj)
prudent, cautious
circumvent (v)
outwit, baffle
clairvoyant (adj)
having foresight; fortuneteller
clamber (v)
climb by crawling
clandestine (adj)
clangor (n)
loud, resounding voice
clapper (n)
striker (tongue) of a bell
clarion (adj)
shrill, trumpetlike sound
claustrophobia (n)
fear of being locked in
cleave (v)
split or sever; cling to; remain faithful to
cloven (adj)
adj for cleave
split, clinging, faithful
clemency (n)
disposition to be lenient; mildness (as of the weather)
clime (n)
region; climate
cloister (n)
monastery or convent
clout (n)
great influence (policial or social)
cloying (adj)
distasteful (because excessive); excessively sweet or sentimental
coalesce (v)
combine, fuse
coda (n)
concluding section of a musical or literary composition
coddle (v)
treat gently; pamper
codicil (n)
supplement to the body of the will
coeval (adj)
living at the same time as; contemporary
cog (n)
tooth projecting from a wheel
cogent (adj)
cogitate (v)
think over
cognizance (n)
cohere (v)
stick together
coiffure (n)
collate (v)
examine in order to verify authenticity; arrange in order
collation (n)
light meal
colloquy (n)
informal discussion
collusion (n)
conspiring in a fraudulent scheme
comestible (n)
something fit to be eaten
comeuppance (n)
rebuke, deserts;
outcome that is well deserved (good or bad)
comity (n)
courtesy; civility
compendium (v)
brief, comprehensive summary
complacency (n)
self-satisfaction, smugness
complaisant (adj)
trying to please; obliging
complicity (n)
participation; involvement
comport (v)
bear one's self, behave
compunction (n)
concatenate (v)
link as in a chain
concede (v)
admit, yield
conceit (n)
vanity or self-love, whimsical idea; extravagant metaphor
concentric (adj)
having a common center
concerted (adj)
mutually agreed on; done together
concession (n)
act of yielding
conciliatory (adj)
reconciling, soothing
conclave (n)
private meeting
concomitant (n)
that which accompanies
concord (n)
concur (v)
condign (adj)
adequate; deservedly severe
condone (v)
overlook, forgive, give tacit approval, excuse
conflagration (n)
great fire
confound (v)
confuse, puzzle
congenial (adj)
pleasant, friendly
congenital (adj)
existing at birth
conifer (n)
pine tree; cone-bearing tree
connivance (n)
pretense of ignorance of something wrong; assistance; permission to offend

connive (v)
connubial (adj)
pertaining to marriage or the matrimonial state
consanguinity (n)
conscript (n)
draftee, person forced into military service
consequential (adj)
pompous, self-important
consign (v)
deliver officially; entrust; set apart
consort (v)
to associate with
consort (n)
husband or wife
construe (v)
explain, interpret
consummate (adj)
contend (v)
struggle, compete; assert earnestly
contention (n)
claim, thesis
continence (n)
self-restraint, sexual chastity
contingent (n)
group that makes up part of a gathering
contortions (n)
twistings; distortions
contravene (v)
contradict, oppose: infringe on or transgress
contrived (adj)
forced, artificial; not spontaneous
controvert (v)
oppose with arguments; attempt to refute; contradict
contumacious (adj)
disobedient; resisting authority
convene (v)
conversant (adj)
familiar with
converse (n)
convex (adj)
curving outward
convivial (adj)
festive, gay, characterized by joviality
convoke (v)
call together
convoluted (adj)
coiled around, involved, intricate
copious (adj)
cordon (n)
extended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or egress
cornice (n)
protecting molding on buildings
corollary (n)
consequence, accompaniment
corporeal (adj)
bodily, material
corrugated (adj)
wrinkled, ridged
coterie (n)
group that meets socially; select circle
countenance (v)
approve, tolerate
countenance (n)
countermand (v)
cancel, revoke
counterpart (n)
a thing that completes another; things very much alike
coup (n)
highly successful action or sudden attack
cow (v)
terrorize, intimidate
cozen (v)
cheat, hoodwink, swindle
crabbed (adj)
sour, peevish
craven (adj)
credence (n)
credulity (n)
gullibility, naivete
creed (n)
system of religious or ethical belief
crescendo (n)
increase in volume or intensity (musical passage); climax
crestfallen (adj)
dejected, dispirited
crotchety (adj)
eccentric, whimsical
crux (n)
essential or main point
cull (v)
pick out, reject
culpable (adj)
deserving blame
culvert (n)
artificial channel for water
cursive (adj)
flowing, running
cursory (adj)
casual, hastily done
curtail (v)
shorten, reduce