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Butorphanol (Stadol) Class
Opioid analgesic
antagonist / agonist
Butorphanol (Stadol) Action
Binds to opiate receptors in the CNS
Butorphanol (Stadol) Indications
Moderate to sever pain
Butorphanol (Stadol) Contraindications
Do not give to patients who are physically dependent on opiods
Butorphanol (Stadol)Precautions
Head trauma
increased ICP
elderly patients should have half the usuall dose
Butorphanol (Stadol) Route and Dosage
IM 2mg
IV 1mg
Butorphanol (Stadol)
Adverse reactions and side effects
Respiratory depression
Hypertension or hypotension
N/V constipation, confusion
sedation, H/A
Butorphanol (Stadol)supply
Vial preload 1mg/ml
IN sol pump spray
10mg/ml in 2.5ml