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the sum of marketing inputs--price, product, promotion, distribution--that make up marketing strategy
marketing mix
the study of how people's behavior affects their demand for products
motivation research
the share of the market of a particular brand
market penetration
an agent representing either buyer or seller in negotiating purchases or sales with no physical control over the goods
offering a reduction in price through a coupon to persuade consumers to try a product
making a cost estimate and adding a margin to cover marketing
cost-plus pricing
packing or wrapping a product so as to provide product protection as well as to attract customers' attention and propel them into buying
the incorporation of product changes that accelerate the rate of obsolescence, thus making customers desire a new product
planned obsolescence
the social process of spreading information about new products to persuade potential users to accept them
brands owned by middlemen, not by manufacturers
private brand
the point at which the largest profit can be made on a product
profit maximization
advantage one firms gains over competitors by building customer loyalty
differential advantage
a means of reducing marketing costs by eliminating, simplifying, or consolidating activities
integrated retailing
buyers who find a product acceptable but not preferred
fringe market
sending a promotional message to a target audience through the mail
direct mail
an estimate of sales tied to a particular marketing program, on teh assumption of a particular set of economic and otehr forces
sales forecast
activities involved in moving goods from producers to final buyers
actual amount of unit/dollar sales of a product in a specified period
sales volume
a negotiator of sales/purchases who does not take title to the goods
agent middleman
the aggregate demand of potential buyers of a product
that unit sales volume where total total revenue exactly equals total cost
break-even point
A salesperson who develops and maintains long-term relationships with established customers
account representatives
knowing what coustomers want and making it available in teh right quantities and at the right time and place
the maximum sales opportunity open to all sellers of a product during a stated period of time
market potential
the degree to which a brand is differentiated from similar brands from the standpoint of potential buyers
brand differentation