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A ____ involves simple, common, and frequently occurring problems for which solutions have already been determined.
programmed decision
A ______ decision involves a complex and unique problem or opportunity with important consequences for the organization.
What are three leadership styles?
Autocratic, Democratic, and Free-rain.
______ is an act of assigning work activities to subordinates.
The _________ is the number of subordinates a manager supervises.
span of control
What is the difference of centralization and decentralization?
Centralization retains decision making at the top of the management hierarchy while decentralization locates decision makin at lower levels.
A _______ is a set of relationship that indicates who directs which activities and who reports to whom.
chain of command
What do employee recruitment and selection, employee training performance evaluation, employee compensation and benefits, employee seperation, and planning for staffing needs have in common?
They are all the five element of human resource.
Why are human resource managers develop staffing plans based on their organization's competitive strategies?
Human resource planning
Identify job requirements
Choose sources of candidates
Review applications and resumes
interview candidates
Conduct employment
conduct follow up interviews
Select a candidate and negotiate an offer
finding qualified candidates
What is OJT?
On the job training
A____________ provides training designed to improve skills and broaden the knowledge of current and potential executives.
management development program
A ______ is an evaluation of an employee's job performance by comparing actul result with desired outcomes.
performance appraisal
______ is a compensation based on hourly pay rates?
_______ represent compensation calculated periodically, such as weekly or monthly.
The new york stock exchange is also known as the ________.
big board
____ is the only company to be on the original dow jones list.
How many companies does the Dow Jones average?
30 companies