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1. State the four (4) key economic forces driving VC funding?
a. ROI
b. Cash flow
c. IPO
d. Liquidity
2. What % of a startup should a founder expect to own at IPO?
a. 3 - 4%
3. Investors look for 5 key things in a startup BP. List three (3).
a. Large, rapid expanding market
b. Competent management
c. Strong “unfair advantage”
4. Define “due diligence” and state why it is important.
a. Checking the validity of the business plan
b. It is important because we must assume that the venture capitalists will check over every single aspect of our business plan, particularly about market assumptions
5. What is the #1 reason startups don’t grow faster?
cannot find good people fast enough
6. What is the purpose of the first paragraph in the Executive summary?
a. Excite!
7. List three (3) categories of intellectual property.
a. Patent
b. Copyright
c. Trademarks
8. What is the time frame for a marketing plan?
a. 3 years
9. What is the purpose of a business plan?
a. To raise capital by exciting investors’ emotions so that they would invest in your company