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Violation of the lawe that is punished as an offense against the state or government
Criminal offense with a sentence of less than one year that is neither treaon nor a felony
Criminal offense that is punishable by confinement in prison for more than one year or by death, or that is expressly stated by statute to be a felony.
Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Federal standards used by judges in determining mandatory sentence terms for those convicted of federal crimes
White Collar Crimes
crimes that do not use nor threaten to use force or violence or do not cause injury to persons or property.
Agreement between two or more persons to commit an unlawful act.
Predicate Act
qualifying underlying offense for RICO liability
illegal demand by a public officer acting with apparent authority
extortion demands made by a onpublic official
grease payments
legal payments to speed up ro ensure performance of normal gov. duties
facilitation payments
legal payments to speek up or ensure performance of normal government duties
fraudlently making or altering an instrument that apparently creates or alters a legal liability of another
crime of issuing or delivering a forged instrument to another person.
statutory offense consisting of the unlawful conversiton of property entrusted to the wrongdoer
computer crimes
wrongs committed using a computer or with knowledge of computers
Search warrant
jucial authorization for a search of property where there is the expectation of privacy
Fourth Ammendment
privacy protection in the US Const. prohibits unauthorized searches and seizures
Fifth Ammendment
const. protection against self-incrimination
Miranda Warnings
warnings required to prevent self incrimination in a criminal matter
due process
the const. righ tto be heard, question witnesses and present evidence
Sixth Ammendment
the US const. amendment that guarnatees a speedy trial.
Money Laundering
Taking from an illegal enterprise and putting if in a legal enterprise so to disguise where it came from
RICO, Organized Crime, The maffia
Blue Sky Laws
Penalize certain activities in the stock market and security laws
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Applies American legal standards to American companies acting overseas
Printing illegal money
Lying under oath, attach on integrity of judical process
Theft, grabbing AND moving
Real Property
Attatched to the ground
Personal Property
Intellectual Property
ex. Mickey Mouse Copyright