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document served to a potential witness to appear in court is called a?
the basic 2 enforcement divices which are available in nys are?
a property execution
income execution
give 2 reasons why a valid monitary judgement might not be valid
no property
no income
a valid judgement in NY will be recognized in another state because of what
article 4 of the us constitution requires "full faith and credit" be given to the judicial procedings of each state.
a civil wrong which allows a injured party is called a
If a crime is punisable for up to a year it is called this, more than a yea it is called?
in a civil case how many jurors must agree, in a criminal felony case how many must agree
5 0f 6
all must agree
oral defermation is this
writen prefermation is this
the reference point disclosing in where a legal case might be located
assult means
an overt threat intended to place someone in threat
unlawful touching of someones persons
the function of a jury in either a civil or criminal case is to what
to determine issues of fact
the nonintentional torte which allows recovery for property damage or personal damage is called
the only liability insurance which is required by law is
automobile liability