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primary function of us constitution?
provide a framework for structure for the federal govt.
us constitution is divided into 3 branches...what are they
the federal legeslative branch is divided into 2...what are they
us senate
us house of representitives
give 2 examples of checks and balances
power of president to veto the legeslative branch
the legeslative can overide the veto
The legeslative branch of nys govt is divided into 2 bodies..what are they?
nys senate
The period of time which defines how long a person has to sue civily is called?
statute of limitations
if the court has the power to hear a case for the first time it is called? If the court has the power to hear the case on appeal it is called?
how many judges on the US supreme court? who is the newest memeber?
harriet myers
the intermediate which has appelet jurisdiction is?
US circuit of court appeals
highest court in nys
us court of appeals
the court in ny which would have jusrisdiction of the decesed would be
the surgates court
court in ny which would have jurisdiction of ny
court of claims
the purpose of civil summins in a lawsuit is?
to notify defendent of lawsuit and establishes jurisdiction
if the defendent in a civil lawsuit does not respond to summins
plantif wins by default
purpose of complaint in a civil lawsuit
tells why the action is brought and request some form of relief.