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advise your business on a particular problem
payment to a consultant for professional services, it may be in the form of a flat fee, a percent of the cost of a project or an hourly charge
consultants fee
based on the peak load during the month
demand charge
based on the total number of kilowatt hours that your business uses during the month
energy charge
helps cover increases in the cost of fuel needed ot produce your electricity
fuel adjustment charge
electrical power of 1,000 watts
cost of paying the people who do the job
labor charge
the amount of money you pay to occupy the given space
depends on the total minutes per month, the number of phone lines, the type of equipment and the type of service and features you have
monthly service charge
greatest number of kilowatts your business uses at one time during the month
peak load
the amount of money you pay to occupy the given space
public services such as telephone, electricity, water, and gas