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What is the ratio of benefits to the sacrific necessary to obtain those benefits?
Customer Value
What is the customer's feeling that a product has met or exceeded expectations?
Customer Satisfaction
What is the specific group of consumers toward which a firm directs its marking effort?
Target Market
What does a firm have that can produce a product or service at a lwoer cost than all its competitors while maintaining satifactory profit margins?
Cost Comptetitive Advantage
What is when a firm provides something unique that is valuable to buyers beyond simply offering a lower price?
Differential Comptetive advantage
What are the 4 P's in a Marketing Mix?
Product, Price, Promotion, and Place
Which segment of marketing uses categories such as age, education, gender, income, and housbold size to diffrentiate among markets?
Demographic Segmentation
Which segment of marketing means segmenting markets by region of the country, city or countysize, market density, or climate?
Geographic Segmentation
Which segment of marketing is based on what a product will do rather than on consumer characteristics?
Benefit Segmenation
Which segment of marketing is based on the amount of the product purchased?
Volume Segmentation
Which segment of marketing is by personality or lifestyle?
Psychographic Segmentation
Which method of marketing research is hwen an interviewer interacts with respondents, either in person or by mail, to obtain facts, opinions and attidues?
Survey research
Which method of marketing research monitors respondents' actions wihtout direct interaction?
Observation research
Which method of marketing research is when the investigator changes one or more variables while observing the effects of those changes on another variable?
Experimental research
What is a product identifier for a company?
Which pricing strategy occurs when high price is initially set because your product is unique?
Price skimming
Which pricing strategy occurs when your price is low initially to establish customer base?
Penetration pricing
Which pricing strategy occurs when the price is high because the product is high quality?
Prestige pricing
Which pricing strategy occurs when price is placed at ie 19.95 because it is associated with a bargain?
Odd Even Pricing
In distribution, what is it called when a product is sold only in certain places?
Exclusive market coverage
In distribution, what is it called when a product is sold in many or most places?
Selective market coverage
In distribution, what is it called when a product is sold everywhere?
Intensive market coverage
What are the 2 ways product categories are classified?
Durabliity or Effort to acquire
What are consumer products that get used up?
Consumer nondurables
What are consumer products that last for a long time?
Consumer durables
What are products unknonw to the potenital buys or known products that they duyer does not actively seek called?
Unsought Products
What are relatively inexpensive items that require little shopping effort called?
Convenience Products
What are bought only after a brand to brand and store to store compariosn of price, suitabilitym and style?
Shopping Products
What are products for chih consumers search long and hard and for which they refuse to accept subsititues called?
Speciality Products
What are usually large, expensive items with a long life span called?
Capital Products
What are typically smaller, less expensive items which usually have a life span of less than a year?
Expense Items
What is a series of marketing entities through which good adn services pass on tehir way to end users and consumers?
Distribution Channel
What is the primary purpose of promoting a project?
Build consumer demand
Which section of the promotional mix is any paid form of nonpersonal promotion by an identified sponsor?
Which section of the promotional mix is a face-to-face presentation to a prospective buyer?
Personal selling
Which section of the promotional mix is, other than the other 3, anything that stimulates consumer buying, including cupons and samples, etc.
Sales promotion
Which section of the promotional mix is linking of organizational goals with key aspects of the public interest and the development of programs designed to earn public undertstanding and acceptance?
public relations
What is a group of 2 or more computer systems linked together by communications channels to share data and information?
Computer network
What is something that lets people at one site exchange data and share the use or hardware and software form a variety of computer manufacturers?
Local Area Network
What connects computers at different sites via telecommunications mdeia such as phone lines, satellites, and microwaves?
Wide Area Network
What improves communications in many companies by assisting all levels of employees and enables managers to handle most of their own communication?
Office Automation Systems
What receives raw data from internal and external sources and prepares these data for stoarge in a database similar to a microcomputer dataase but vastly larger?
Transaction Processing System
What uses the internal database to help them make better decisions?
Management suppoprt systems
What helps managers make decisions using computer models that describe real-world processes?
Decision Support Systems
What is a computer program that copies itself into other software and can spread to other computer systems destroying the conents of a computer's hard drive or damaging files?
Computer Virus
What is the art and science of managing a frim's money so it can meet its goals?
Financial Management
Which key activity of a financial manager is projecting revenues, expenditures, and financing needs over a given period?
Financial Planning
Which key activity of a financial manager is is using the firm's funds in projects and securities that provide high returns in relation to the risks?
Which key activity of a financial manager is obtaining funding for the firm's operations and investments and seeking the best balance between debt and equity?
What is the basic principle in finance says that the hgiher the risk, the greater the return?
Risk-return trade-off
What is a long term loan made against real estate as collateral?
Mortgage Loan
What is an important duty of the financial manager that makes sure that enough cash is on hand to pay bills as they come due and to meet unexpected expenses?
cash management
What are funds used for its investments in long lived assest such as plant, property, & equipment?
capital expenditures
What are specific assets that are used as security?
What are the 3 parts of the US money supply?
Currency, demand deposits, & time deposits
Which part of the US money supply is cash held in the form of coins and paper money?
Which part of the US money supply consists of money kept in checking accounts that can be withdrawn by depositors on demand?
Demand on deposits
Which part of the US money supply are deposits at a band or other financial institution that pay interest but cannot be withdrawn on demand?
Time Deposits
What category do commercial banks, thrift institutions and credit unions fall under?
Depository Finnancial Institutions
What cagefory of financial institutions do not take deposits such as insurance companies, pension funds, brokerage firms, and fninance companies?
nondepository financial institutions
What does FDIC stand for?
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
What is the role of the FDIC?
insure deposits in commercial banks
What is the process of collecting, recording, classifiying, summarizing, reporting, and analyzing financial activities?
What is assets=liabilities + Stockholder's Equity?
Accounting Equation
What type of assets are cash, equipment, and buildings?
What type of assets are pantent or trademark?
What type of liabilities are going to be paid within the next financial period?
What type of liabilities are not going to be paid within the next financial period?
Long Term
What is Owner's Equity also called?
Net Worth
What is the total amount of investments int he firm minus and liabilities?
Owner's Equity
What kind of assets are long term that are used by the firm for more than a year?
fixed asset
Which financial statement takes revenues - expenses = net profit or loss?
Net Income
Which financial statment takes assets - liabilities to determine Owner's equity?
Balance Sheet
Which financial statement shows operating activities, investment activities, and financing activities?
Statement of Cash Flows
What is the allocation of the asset's original cost to the years in which it is expected to produce revenues?