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The systematic studying of an issue and the preparation of a written document to deal with the problem.
Formal Planning
involves creating a detailed production timetable
Activity Scheduling
designed to produce and deliver a prodcut or service for a lower cost than the competition
Overall Cost Leadership
short-range planning
Operational Planning
the number of different skills a worker needs to perform a job
Skill Variety
managers that are responsible for the activities involved in producing the goods or services for a company
Operations Managers
a plan to keep the company operating at the same level that it has for several years
Stability Strategy
the process of selecting a location for a business
Site Location
a plan that enploys several different strategies at once
Combination Strategy
the process of planning the physical arrangement of a facility
Facilities Layout
long-range planning done by the highest managment levels in the company
Strategic Planning
the network that receives, stores, and moves materials between processing points within a factory
Materials Handling System
provide overall direction for the company
Grand Strategies
describes the work an individual or group of individuals is supposed to perform
Job Design
strives to make the product or service unique
uses an organization's resources to produce enough goods or services to meet demand
Aggregate Production Planning
choosing the process for producing the company's goods or services is the job of the...
operations manager
plans that cover a one-year period of time are known as...
short-range plans
operating systems that function all the time, regardless of customer orders are...
continuous-flow systems
this strategy extends the sale of current products or services to a company's current market...
operating systems that operate only when an order needs to be filled are...
internittent-flow systems
this strategy moves a company into market it previously servec either as a supplier or as a customer...
vertical integration
designing products with the help of computers is known as...
computer-aided design
aplan to reverse negative trends in a company, such as losses in sales, is called a...
retrenchment strategy
computers provide instructions to automated production equipment, such as...
computer-aided manufacturing
this strategy directs marketing and sales towards a small segment of the market...
one of the most important factors in choosing a site for a business is...
wage rate
short-range operational plans that support business strategies through practical implementation are called...
functional strategies
the level of impact a job has on the whole organization is known as...
task significance
concise statements that provide direction for emplotees and set standards for acheiving the company's strategic plan are called...
the extent to which managers let workers know how they are performing is known as...
a detailed series of related steps or tasks written to implement a policy are called...
people who direct the activity of others
an organized group of people appointed to consider or decide upon certain matters
the degreee to which group members accept and follow group norms
group conformity
a written statement indentifying the type of work and necessary qualifications for a job
job description
power based on the rights that come with a position
the most important executive ina company
cheif executive officer
the process of establishing a cohesive group that works together to acheive its goals
team building
a single characteristic dominates the interviewer's impression of the applicant
halo effect
to assign responsibility and authority for a task to another person
a visual representation of a business's organizational structure
organizatinal chart
when group mambers lose their ability to think as individuals and conform at the expense of their judgement
a way for employees to learn new concepts, gain new skills, or update existing ones
the obligation to accept responsiblity for one's actions
Plum Tomatoes
Sweet Onions
McIntosh Apples
Head Lettuce
Lemons Large