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Insider Trading
Information that will affect the price of a company's stock.
When a country exports more than it imports?
Trade surplus
When a country imports more than it exports?
Trade deficit
A tax imposed on imports?
Characteristics of a country (beliefs, etc)
Very large, have operations in countries around the world?
Multinational Corporation
When the US dollar buys less foreign currency?
Low value of the dollar
How much of one currency you can get for another?
Exchange rate
Buying products from another country?
When the US dollar can buy more of another currency?
High value of the dollar
Where a company has its headquarters?
Home country
Something is focused/comfortable with dealing with their own culture/country?
Selling products to another country?
Businesses that handle exports for other firms?
Export Trading Companies
Where a company has its operations?
Host country
The ratio (comparison) of exports to imports?
Balance of trade
A systematic evaluation of an organization's progress toward impletmenting programs that are socially responsible and responsive?
Social Audit
Dimension of responsibility that includes everything from hiring minority workers to making safe products?
Corporate Social Reponsibility
When someone should act in the best interest of the client but doesn't?
Conflict of interest
Trading Bloc of South America?
A legally protected name, symbol, design, or combination that identifies that goods or services of one seller and distinguishes them from competitors?
A legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties?
A wrongful act that causes injury to another person's body, property, or reputation?
Passed by local, state, Federal, congress, legislatures (written)?
Statutory law
The monetary settlement awarded to a person who is injured by a breach of contract?
People who report illegal or unethical behavior?
Whistle blowers
The decisions of judges in certain cases?
Law that doesn't concern criminal penalties?
Civil law
Dimension of social responsibility that includes charitable donations?
Corporate Philanthropy
Requires all publicly traded companies to spend more money on compliance (increased accounting)?
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
First that hears cases / where evidence is presented?
Trial Court
A social movement that seeks to increase and strengthen the rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers?
Those who want to know where their money is going and for what purpose?
Socially Conscious Investors
In Tort Law, behavior that causes unintentional harm or injury?
Part of Tort Law that holds businesses liable for harm that results from the production, design, sale, or use of products they market?
Product Liability
A document that gives inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for 20 years?
A partnership in which two or more companies join?
Joint venture
A document that protects a creator's rights to materials such as books, articles, photos, cartoons, etc...
Something of value, one of the requirements for a legal contract?
A company in a foreign country owned by a large international one?
Foreign subsidiary
Highest in the land, anything can be brought there?
Supreme Court
Where appeals take place?
Appellate Court
Agreement that created a free trade area among the US, Mexico, and Canada?
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
25 countries that have eliminated all trade barriers with each other?
European Union
When one party fails to follow the terms of a contract?
Breach of contract
The body of law that comes from decisions handed down by judges (unwritten)?
Common Law
Government withdrawl of certain laws and regulations that seem to hinder competition?
Buying property/businesses in a foreign country?
Foreign direct investment
When a host country government seizes an asset from a multinational corp without paying for it?
A group of countries that get together for international trade purposes?
Trading Bloc
Anything other than an import tax?
Non-tariff barrier
The use of government regulations to limit the import of goods and services?
Trade protectionism
Selling products in a foreign country at lower prices than in the producing country?
A limit on the number of products that can be imported?
Import Quota
Difference between money entering the country (exports) and money leaving the country (imports)?
Balance of payments
When payment is made internationally with anything but money?
Settles disputes between countries?
WTO (World Trade Organization)
Prohibits American companies from making bribes to foreign customers for business?
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
When one company allows another to produce its product for a fee (royalties)?
Company hires another to manufacture its product?
Contract Manufacturing
When a currency has a decline in value?