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Address (V)

address the questions
to communicate directly
Analyze (V)
Analyzer, Analysis, Analyst (N)
Analytical (Adj)
Analytically (Adv)
to divide a complex whole into parts
(Re)Construct (V)
(Re)Construction (N)
Constructive (Adj)
to make or form by combining parts
Contrast (V)
Contrastive (Adj)

contrastive results
compare or appraise in respect to differences
Crime, Criminal (N)
Criminally (Adv)

computer crime

criminal behavior
doing smthg which is forbidden by law
Department (N)
Departmental (Adj)
a functional or territorial division
Destroy (V)
Destruction (N)
Destructive (Adj)

destructive force
destructive power
to ruin the structure or condition of smthg
Ensure (V)
to make a person sure about smthg
(In)Equality (N)
(Un)Equal (Adj)

Equality of opportunity
The quality of being equal.
Error (N)

error analysis
an act which isn't part of normal behavior or belief.
Federal (N)/(Adj)

federal aid/funds/support
of or relating to the central government.
Majority (N)
Major (Adj)
a number greater than half of the total.
Military (N)/(Adj)

miltary service
relating to soliders, armies, and wars
(Re)Occur (V)
Occurrence (N)

common occurence
to be found or met with

Appear (syn)

to come into existence

Happen (syn)

to come to mind
Option(al) (N)/(Adj)
smthg that may be chosen
React (V)
Reaction (N)

react to
react with
a response to smthg
Structural, (Un)Structured (Adj)
Structurally (Adv)

structure of
smthg (a building) that is constructed
Rely (V)
Reliability (N)
(Un)Reliable (Adj)

Rely on smns/smthg
to be dependent

suitable or fit to be relied upon.