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Access (V)
Accessibility (N)
Access (N)
Accessible (Adj)
Inaccessible (Adj)
To have access to
To access smthg
permission, liberty, or ability to enter, approach, communicate with, or pass to and from

freedom or ability to obtain or make use of
Appropriacy (N)
Appropriateness (N)
Inappropriacy (N)
Appropriate (Adj)
Inappropriate (Adj)
Appropriately (Adv)
Inappropriately (Adv)
Appropriate language
especially suitable or compatible
Balance (V) (N)
Balanced (Adj)
Unbalanced (Adj)
A balanced diet
a means of judging or deciding

a counterbalancing weight, force, or influence
Compute (V)
Computation (N)
Computer (N)
to make calculation : RECKON

to use a computer
Connect (V)
Connection (N)
Connect with
to become joined

<the two rooms connect by a hallway>

<ideas that connect easily to form a theory>
Contact (V) (N) (Adj)
Connect with
an establishing of communication with some other person or object

<radar contact with Mars>
Dine at a restaurant
to take dinner
Domestic (Adj)
Domestic flights
Domestic animals
of, relating to, or originating within a country and especially one's own country

<domestic politics>

<domestic wines>
Equip (V)
Equipment (N)
Equipped (Adj)
Equip with
to make ready : PREPARE

the set of articles serving to equip a person or thing
Erode (V)
Erosion (N)
to diminish or destroy by degrees:

to eat into or away by slow destruction of substance
(as by acid, infection, or cancer)
Essentials (N)
Essential (Adj)
Essentially (Adv)
something basic

<the essentials of astronomy>

something necessary, indispensable, or unavoidable
Expand (V)
Expansion (N)
to express at length or in greater detail

to write out in full
<expand all abbreviations>
Explode (V)
Explosion (N)
Explosive (Adj)
to cause to explode or burst noisily
<explode a bomb>

to burst forth with sudden violence or noise from internal energy:
Include (V)
Inslucsion (N)
Inclusive (Adj)
Inclusion of
to take in or comprise as a part of a whole

to contain between or within <two sides and the included angle>
Modernize (V)
Modernization (N)
to make modern (as in taste, style, or usage)

to adopt modern ways
Praise (V)
to glorify (a god or saint) especially by the attribution of perfections
Predict (V)
Prediction (N)
Predicatable (Adj)
Unpredictable (Adj)
Predict the future
an act of predicting

something that is predicted : FORECAST
Profesionalism (N)
Professional (Adj)
Professionally (Adv)
(1) : characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession

(2) : exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace
Require (V)
Requirement (N)
to claim or ask for by right and authority

to call for as suitable or appropriate
<the occasion requires formal dress>

have a compelling need for
<all living beings require food>
Resident (N)
Residence (N)
Residential (Adj)
Local residents
one who resides in a place
Sacrifice (V) (N)
an act of offering to a deity something precious;

the killing of a victim on an altar
Technology (N)
Technological (Adj)
Technologically (Adv)
the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area: ENGINEERING

<medical technology>
Wisdom (N)
Wise , Unwise (Adj)
a wise attitude or course of action

the teachings of the ancient wise men

synonym see SENSE