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-collin powell resigns as secratary of atate
-condilisa rice replaces him
President Bush nominated EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt to replace Tommy Thompson as Health and Human Services secretary. If confirmed by the Senate, Leavitt would find plenty to do including implementing a prescription drug benefit for senior citizens.
-Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns would replace Ann Veneman if confirmed by Senate
-Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns was raised on a dairy farm and was the first Republican governor in Nebraska to win re-election in more than four decades.
-Carlos Gutierrez would replace Don Evans if confirmed by Senate
-Cuban-born Carlos Gutierrez, 51, has been chief executive officer of Kellogg Co. since 1999. He started at the company selling cereal out of a van in Mexico City.
-Margaret Spellings would replace Rod Paige if confirmed by Senate
Margaret Spellings She was a key figure in drafting the "No Child Left Behind" education initiative.

-Rod Paige, appointed January 2001
Resignation announced November 15
Rod Paige was superintendent of public schools in Houston, Texas, from 1994 to 2000.
-Spencer Abraham, January 2001 to presentResignation announced November 15
-Before he was appointed energy secretary, Spencer Abraham was a U.S. senator from Michigan for and a top aide to Vice President Dan Quayle.
-Michael Leavitt would replace Tommy Thompson if confirmed by Senate

-Tommy Thompson, appointed January 2001
Resignation announced December 3
Before becoming health and human services secretary, Tommy Thompson was governor of Wisconsin, where he overhauled the state's welfare system with the Wisconsin Works program.
-Tom Ridge, appointed October 2001
Resignation announced November 30
the first secretary of homeland securit

-Bernard Kerik
Nominated December 3; withdrew from consideration December 10
Former New York City police withdrew his name from consideration.
-Tom Ridge
-Resignation announced November 30
-the first secretary of homeland security

-Bernard Kerik
Nominated December 3;
-Alberto Gonzales
-would replace John Ashcroft if confirmed by Senate
-He is a former Texas Supreme Court justice and Texas secretary of state.

-John Ashcroft, appointed January 2001
Resignation announced November 9
-Ashcroft has been a key defender of the USA Patriot Act
-Condoleezza Rice Nominated November 16, 2004
-She was an adviser on Soviet affairs to President George H.W. Bush.

-Colin Powell, appointed January 2001
Resignation announced November 15
-Colin Powell served in the U.S. Army for 35 years
-Norman Mineta was commerce secretary in the Clinton administration
-Before taking that post, he was a congressman from California for 21 years
-Ambassador Jim Nicholson
Nominated December 9; would replace Anthony Principi
-Jim Nicholson has served as U.S. ambassador to the Holy
Veteran affairs
-Anthony Principi, appointed January 2001
-Resignation announced December 8
-Anthony Principi was deputy secretary of veterans affairs in President George H.W. Bush's administration.
-He later was named acting secretary.