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Question 1

What is the purpose of taking noes?
Answer 1

To be able to find the answer in a day, a year, or lifetime.
Question 2

What is the name of the typing computer program used in this class?
Answer 2

Question 3

How does one access Glencoe?
Answer 3

1. Double click on the icon foundon the desktop.
2. Click on the correct period
3. Key in first, last name and password.
Question 4

What is the purpose of Glencoe?
Answer 4

To reinforce the keys on the keyboard.
Question 5

In typing which comes first, speed or accuracy?
Answer 5

Accuracy first, it is better to be slow and accurate than be fast and wrong.
Question 6

If you were a boss, which person would you hire, fast but inaccurate or slower and accurate?
Answer 6

Slow and accurate.
Question 7

What will the students be graded on in Glencoe?
Answer 7

One lesson a day (post test)
Question 8

What is a timed write?
Answer 8

The timed writes are the post tests.
Question 9

How many errors can a person make on a pt?
Answer 9

One error per minute.
Question 10

What happens if i make more than one error per minute?
Answer 10

I flunk. Miss Gannon does not care how many times you take the post test as long as you meet your goal.
Question 11

What should a person do if he/she starts to freak out and cannot seemingly obtain the score?
Answer 11

Relax, take a deep breath, count to ten. Then say the letters in your head.
Question 12

What happens if a person cannot get the work done while in class?
Answer 12

Take a deep breath, count to ten and come in during lunch.
Question 13

How does one review scores?
Answer 13

Click on file, reporting, select lesson.