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Natural Law
system of moral and ethical principles that are inherent in human nature and that ppl can discover thru the use of their natural intelligence, or reason.
Positive law
written law of a given society at a particular point in time.-no such things as natural rights.
historical school
evolutionary process of law by concentrating on the origin and history of the lega lsystem
legal realism
law is just one of many of the institutions in society, and shaped by socail forces and needs
sociological school
views law as a tool for promoting justice in society
constitutional law
law expressed in state and national constitutions
statutory law
laws enacted by legislative bodies at any level of gov
statutes passed by county gov not covered by federal or stae law
uniform laws
model laws for the states to consider
administrative law
rules,orders,and decisions of adm. agencies
administrative agency
federal state or local agency formed to perform a specific function
executive agency
exist within the cabinet dept. of the executive branch. (food and drug adm.)
idependent regulatory agencies
officers serve for fixed terms, and cant be removes w/o just cause
case law
judge-made law(common lw)
common law
body of general rules that applied throughout the entire english realm