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Describe the history of the vineyards of burgundy and how they came to be so fragmented.
through donation, the church ended up owning a lot of vineyard land

then during the french revolution, the land was sold to the highest bidders, resulting in an average holding of 15 acres
Name the monks who had an influence in burgundy
benedictine monks of cluny
cistercian monks
What type of wine constitutes half of burgundy's production?
What dictates the appellation boundaries in burgundy?
what are the 5 levels of appellation structure in burgundy and how much, as a percentage, do they represent?
lowest to highest:

regional AC
district AC - 65%
commune AC - 23%
premier cru - 11%
grand cru - 1%
what appellation level would AC Beaujolais be?
District AC
what would be the difference between AC Gevrey-Chambertin and AC Gevrey-Chambertin St. Jacques?
The first is a Commune AC and the second is a Premier Cru
What is a negociant?
Someone who buys the grapes
What is a Eleveurs
Someone who "raises" the wine from fermentation to bottling`
What is a proprietairs - recoltants
owner / grower
Describe the climate of Burgundy and compare it to that of Bordeaux
continental climate with hot summers and cold winters

shorter growing season than BX
cooler temps in Sept / Oct than BX
no significant river influence (as opposed to BX)
What soil is a constant theme in Burgundy?
what type of soil is present in chablis?
chalky clay
what are the white wines of Burgundy?

also: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Buerot (aka Pinot Gris)
what are the red wines of Burgundy?
Pinot Noir
What are some common weather problems in Burgundy?
winter freezing
spring frosts
summer hail
What method of training is typically used in Burgundy?
Guyot (cane)
What method of training is used for Beaujolais?
Gobelet (spur)
What can be a problem in the cellars in Burgundy?
ambient temperatures, warming of the musts
What are common winemaking methods and ageing method in Burgundy?
traditional open vat with pigeage and remontage

carbonic maceration in beaujolais

oak for top quality wines, not always new
what are the traditional methods for making white wines in burgundy?
long, cool fermentation
stainless steel or oak barriques
top wines fermented and / or aged in new oak
What type of oak are top white wines aged in in Burgundy?
New Oak
Name the 5 main sub-regions of Burgundy
cote d'or
cote chalonnaise
What are the 4 AC levels in Chablis? from lowest to highest...
Petit Chablis (outlying areas)
Premier Cru
Grand Cru
What is the climate and soil type of Chablis?
cold continental (spring frost!)
limestone clay soil
kimmerdgian (oyster shells) and portlandian soils
Grape of Chablis?
Traditional Chardonnay flavors in Chablis?
minerals, steels, green hay
What has been controversial in Chablis over the years?
vineyard expansion
new oak fermentation and / or ageing (traditional is less oaky)
What are the 2 main subregions in the Cote D'Or?
Cotes de Nuits
Cotes de Beaune
What quality of red and whites are produced in Cotes de Nuits?
famous red
very little white
What quality of red and white wines are produced in the Cote De Beaune
famous WHITE wines
very GOOD RED wines
List the main regions (8) in the Cote de Nuit
Morey-Saint Denis
Where can we find the best examples of Pinot Noir in the world?
What type of wine is Marsannay known for?
full-bodied, fruity and dry
drink young
What type of wine is Fixin known for?
Firm, tannic, rustic
good value
What is the largest village AC in the Cotes de Nuits? hint: it has the most premier crus (25) and the most grand crus (9)
What makes Gevrey-Chambertin produce some of the most powerful red burgundies?
variety of soils and exposures
What type of wines does the often overlooked village of Morey-Saint Denis produce?
excellent wines
expressive, smooth, with lots of finesse
What does the high limestone soil content of Chambolle-Musigny translate into its wines?
earlier drinking
peacocks tail - opens up in your mouth
This Cote des Nuits village and premier crus are middle of the road. Its grand cru is also inconsistent.
What are the characters of the wines from Vosne-Romanee?
concentrated, powerful, and silky smooth
iron fist in a velvet glove
best example of pinot noir
What kind of soil is present in Nuits-Saint-Georges and h ow does it influence the wine?
high clay content
firmer, more rustic edge
What is the largest commune in the Cote de Beaune?
Beaune & Savigny-les Beaune
Where are Pommard and Volnay?
Cote de Beaune
Name the villages of the Cote de Beaune from north to south
Ladoix & Pernand-Vergelesses
Beaune & Savigny-les Beaune
Where in the Cote de Beaune is home to the most expensive dry white wine in the world?
Compare the white wines of Mersault and Puligny-Montrachet
Mersault = full-bodied, rich, and complex with classic hazelnut and toasty finish

Puligny-Montrachet are more steely, concentrated, and leaner than Mersault
Who produces whites in a similar style to Puligny-Montrachet?
What wines does ladoix & pernand-vergelesses produce?
mostly reds but some excellent whites
what type of wine (red or white) does aloxe-corton produce?
what type of wine does beaune & savigny-les beaune produce?
mostly red
excellent premier crus (no grand crus)
chorey-les-beaune wines
straightforward earthy reds
pommard wines
reds only
slightly overrated
compare the wines of pommard and volnay
both are red only
volnay are slightly more charming and softer than pommard
name the grand cru that is aligote
What type of soils and wine does Mersault produce? what is this village's significance?
calcareous soils

full-bodied, rich, and complex with classic hazelnut and toasty finish

start of the famous and expensive white wine villages of cote de beaune
saint-aubin wine
well priced
very good
Chassagne-Montrachet wines
whites similar to puligny

some very good red wines
Santenay wines - describe them and what are they similar to?
hard and rustic in their youth

similar to cote de Nuits
What region is also known as the Region de Mercurey?
Cotes Chalonnaise
What type of soils does the Cotes Chalonnaise have?
similar to Cote D'Or
limestone, clay and sand

no effect from the escarpment
What is the significant area for Aligote? Also, name the AC
Cotes Chalonnaise

Bouzeron AC
Generalize the quality and ageing of Cotes Chalonnaise wine
good wines at reasonable prices

most meant to be drunk within 3 - 7 years
Name the 4 main communes within Cote Chalonnaise
Rully wine
some red and very good white
Most respected commune in Cotes Chalonnaise
Wine type that Mercurey is known for
Characterize the white and red wine of Givry
simple straight-forward whites and reds
What classification has since been rectified in Montagny?
originally all vineyards were 1er Cru
What soil type does Maconnais have? What type of wine does it therefore produce?
subsoil of limestone with varied top soils.

primarily white wine
characterize the white wines of Maconnais
clean, pure examples of chardonnay

reasonably good value
Finest AC of Maconnais
What are the levels of AC structure in Maconnais?
Macon or Macon Superieure (red or white)

Macon-Vinzelles AC is a Macon Village. What would it be called if more than 1 village was involved in producing it?
Macon-Villages AC
What kind of soil does Beaujolais have?
What is Beaujolais Blanc?
What are the new and traditional methods for beaujolais production?
new = carbonic maceration

old = oak
What is the Beaujolais structure from lowest to highest?
Beaujolais Superieure
Beaujolais Villages
Crus Beaujolais
How are Cru Beaujolais titled?
Simply use the village name (there are 10)
Style of cuisine of burgundy
hearty and flavorful (landbased farming)
cheese of burgundy
name some typical ingredients in burgundian cooking
charolais beef
poulet de bresse
root veg
frogs legs
creme de cassis
what is aligote blended with to produce a special drink?
creme de cassis

to produce kir
name some burgundian dishes
coq au vin
beef bourgignon