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________ tends to be most efficient for organization. _____ part of gov't. Most ____ understood & ___ public opinion. Made up of full time employees of ___ branch.
bureaucracy, primary, poorly, low, executive
Ideas of bureaucracy include: from ____, academic ____, congress, president (authorization for ___ programs, appropriation setting aside ____, implementation to carry out job - people w/ certain jobs
public, experts, legislative, money
Bureaucracy are defined and ___ organizations to carry out detailed tasks. ___ roles (division of ___, specific jobs - ____), fixed __ & __ (SOPs, red tape - ____, predictability, ____), hierarchy of ___ (clear chain of ___, accountability, control)
complex, special, labor, expertise, rules, procedures, uniformity, speed, authority, command
Bureaucratic functions include ___ defense, law ___, direct ___, regulation, ___ services, political ___, merit civil ___
national, enforcement, services, auxiliary, executive, service
____ parties: coalitions of ____ and groups that seek to influence gov't by getting their ___ elected to offices
politcal, individuals, candidates
Basic functions of parties include: campaign for ___, educate ___, simplify ____, organize gov't, ___ gov't , __ the gov't
office, public, elections, unify, check
Characteristics of U.S. party system include: two-party ___ (Dems & Reps), relatively non-____ (big houses, broad coalitions), de-centralized ___ (state & local parties independent national party committees), relatively ___, don't control nominations because of use of ___
competition, ideological, power, weak, primaries
Democracy must have functioning, competitive ___ ____
political parties
Voting is ___ control with increasing ___ presence. Slow universal adult ___, usually by ____ action
stat, federal, suffrage, federal
Voting Rights Act: federal approval of state voting laws, ___ operations, districting
3 categories of bureaucrates: ____ executive (at top), ___ civil servants, & ___ civil servants
political, merit, regular
Burea. powers include subject ____, ___ expertise, & the ___ triangle (congressional subject committee, BLM servants, interest/client groups)
expertise, administrative, iron
Burea. controls include: president, congress, court, norms & ___, ___ groups
values, interest
Memebers of the House and Senate are prohibited from hodling executive office. This prevents -.
T, corruption
The treasurer is not appointed by -, but by the -
Congress, president
- has the power to create the departments and agencies of government, and the responsibility of appropriating the money to adminster programs and - gov't employees
Congress, hire
Bureaucracy actually means -, -, and -; however it has come to mean -, -, and --.
fast, effective, and rational
slow, confusing, and self-serving
Gov't is classified into 4 broad cats: -, independent -, independent - -, and gov't -.
departments, agencies, regulatory commissions, corporations
- are the largest federal orgs with the broadest mission; Gov't corporations are like - and aren't bound by the same rules; Independent agencies deal with - problems; indpendent regulatory commissions are the (most/least) influ. org. and carry out regulatory and - functions.
most, oversight
Every department and agency is head by a - appointee, usually subject to confirmation by Senate.