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What is bureaucracy?
bureaucracy is a large, complex organization of appointed, not elected, officials.
Who is Max Weber?
Max Weber was one of the first people in modern times to think seriously about the importance of bureaucracy.
What is hierarchical authority structure?
A chain of command that is hierarchical; the top bureaucrat has ultimate control, and authority flows from the top down.
In what does Weber emphasize the importance of bureaucracy?
Weber emphasized the importance of the bureaucracy in getting things done and believed that a well-organized, rational bureaucracy is key to the orderly operation of modern societies.
Three characteristics that distinguish American Federal Boreaucracy form others?
- Divided supervisiion
-Close public scrutiny
-Regulation rather that public ownership.
What did spoils system ensured?
It ensured that with each new president came a new turnover in the federal service.
In between what two agencies did the Civil Service Commission split?
It splited on to The Office of Personnel Management, and The Merit Systems protection Board
Who are the five biggest employers of the Bureaucrats?
The Department of Army, Navy, and Air Force, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the U.S. Postal Service
Statistics of the federal civilian employees are?
- 75% male, 43% female
-73% white, 27% minority (includes blacks, Asians, native Americans, and Hispanics)

-10% work in washington area 90% work around U.S.
By who is the Department of Justice headed?
It is headed by the attorney general.
By who are the heads chosen/
the heads are cosen by the President and aporoved bt the Senate.
Who signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act?
In 2004 President George W. Bush signed it.
What is the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Act?
It calls for the most sweeping overhaul of the nation's intelligence-gathering apparatus in half-century.
What do the Independent Regulatory Agency do?
These agencies regulate important parts of the economy, making rules for large industries and businesses that affect the interests of the public
By who are the regulatory agencies governed?
By small commissions.
What is the difference between the commisions and the cabinet secretary?
Commisioners are somewhat more :independent" that are the cabinet secretaries because they cannot be removed by the president during their terms of office.
By what are Government corporations blended?
They are a blend of private corporation and government agency.
What do implements do?
the implementers take a policy handed down to them from Congress, the president, or the Court, and actually put it into effect, whith real consequences for real people.
What is the biggest difference between a government agency and a private organization?
The difference is the number of constraints placed on agencies fron other parts of government and by law.
What does the government bureau cannot do?
They cannot hire, fire, or sell without going through procedures set by Congress, often through law.
Like what does the Congress act?
Congress often acts as the problem-solving branch of government, setting agendas and the letting the agencies decide how to implement them.
What are the methods that the President use to impress their policy preferences on the bureaucracy?
By Appointments, Executive Orders, Economic Powrs, and Reorganization.
What is an iron triangle?
It is an alliance among bereaucrats, interest groups, and congressional subcommittees members and staff sometimes form to promote their common causes.
What is a "red tape?"
It's the maze of governments rules, regulation, and paperwork that makes government so overwhelming to citizens that many people try to avoid any contract.
What is the lack of accountability?
The difficulty in firing or demoting an incompetent bureaucrat.