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1974 Safe Water Drinking Act
authorized EPA to set purity standards
definition of bureaucracy
organizations w. a hierarchical structure and specific responsibilities which operate on management principles intended to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
4 types of organizational entities of bureaucracy
1. departments
2. independent agencies
3. independent regulatory commissions
4. gov. corporations
New Deal
FDR 1933-1938 farm programs, bank holiday, social security, alphabet agencies
Great Society
LBJ civil rights, war on poverty, medicare/medicaid, endowments for the arts
agencies in the new Dept. of Homeland Security
immigration and naturalization service
coast guard
secret service
Joan claybrook
advocates and lobbies for safety regulations
problems w. no child left behind act of 2002
poor implementation and failure to provide appropriate guidelines
problems w. TSA of 2001
theft and poorly conducted background checks
the iron triangle
congress members, interest groups, bureaucratic leaders and experts
agency-created law that govern the topics under the agency's jurisdiction
quasi-judicial processes
hearing processes (formal or informal) in which bureaucracy affects policy
oversight and accountability
all 3 branches of government can check and balance the bureaucracy
max weber's modern state
standardized procedure, formal division of responsibility, hierarchy and impersonal relationships
problems w. bureaucracy after hurricane katrina
overlapping levels of jurisdiction, agency leaders selected politically not based on ability
largest organizations w. most broad missions
gov. corporations are like ___
independent agencies
deal w. specific problems
independent regulatory commissions
most influential, deal w. oversight