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Who designates a ESO for the command?
The Co.
Does a designated ESO have to have a security clearance?
What is the ESO's responsibility?
(a) review all directives pertinent to the advancement system.
(b) 10 before an exam, the ESO will review each the worksheet for each candidate
(c) make sure candidates will review watchbills
What are responsibilities of the ESO 10 days prior to a scheduled exam?
(a) ensure an examantion
What are some duties of the ESO?
(1) assign adequate examining rooms.
(2) assign proctors to assist in administration.
(3) Schedule examination times.
(4) provide materials required to administer the examinations.
(5) provide secure stowage for examinations and related examination materials.
(6) brief proctors and chain of command on contingency plans for emergencies such as fire, man-overboard, power failures, etc.
10 days prior to a exam what should the ESO do?
(1) ensure an examination is available for each candidate with a Worksheet
(2) ensure all examinations are accounted for.
(3) prepare a seating arrangement that will provide maximum comfort consistent with available facilities.
The ESO will ensure that each candidate is provided the
following materials:
(1) Candidate's completed Worksheet.
(2) One unopened examination for the appropriate rating and paygrade.
(3) One answer sheet.
(4) Scratch paper.
(5) Two lead pencils.
Are there any calculators allowd?
Solar- or battery-powered,hand-held electronic calculators of any key configuration may be used so long as they are capable of displaying only a single line of numeric and
mathematical characters.
Are wristwatches allowed in the test taking areas?
What is the CO's responsibility toward worksheet?
make every effort to obtain a verified worksheet for individuals to allow
participation in the regularly scheduled examination.
How many days may a operational commander delay administer exam for aviation or sea going activities?
10 days.
How soon can substitute exams be administered?
as soon as possible after receipt examinations.
What happens when an eligible candidate without an examination?
the examination booklet will be "split" and shared between the two
candidates (designated “A” and “B”).
What will the ESO do if there are any questions missing from the exam?
a. Replace with another examination, if available, for the examination originally assigned the candidate.
c. Have the candidate complete the questions that are present if neither of the foregoing alternatives is possible, and no more than 10 questions are missing.
What is the status of the examination room?
a. Assign proctors to assist in sufficient number to achieve a ratio of not less than one proctor to each 25 candidates. E7 or above
b. proctors may not interpret
examination questions
c. Candidates will not leave before completing their examination, except for emergency reasons.
d. In case of an emergency, such as a fire alarm, the candidates will place the Worksheet, answer sheet, and scratch paper inside their examination booklet and leave it on the table.
Are proctors allowed to read examination questions to candidates?
Who may handle the worksheets?
Only officers, designated E7/8/9, and designated civilian employees
may handle the answer sheets
What happens if a candidate is caught cheating?
a. take away the examination, answer sheet, and all materials from the candidate.
b. Send a message to NETPDTC (N321) with a brief description of the
c. The answer sheet should be
forwarded to NETPDTC (N321) under a transmittal letter as outlined in paragraph 611.
Exam schedule:
(a) Active duty E7 - third Thursday in January.
(b) Active duty E6 - first Thursday in March and September.
(c) Active duty E5 second Thursday in March and September.
(d) Active duty E4 third Thursday in March and September.
How many annaual advancements are there for e4 - e6?
what website are the advancement results available through?
For E4 through E6 results, who issues results?
What does the ESVR list consist of?
those candidates who are eligible to be
considered (SELBD ELIGIBLE) by a selection board
Who conduct the selection board for E7?
After the selection board process, how will the results be posted?
How are the results displayed?
CA and Profile Sheet
What actions need to be taken by the command after results are out?
1) Report names of personnel not known by the activity to NETPDTC (N321) by letter or message.
2) Report the names of personnel whose names should, but do not appear on the ESVR to NETPDTC (N321)
(3) Commands receiving advancement candidates will
communicate with previous duty station when entries
What are the reasons for a selectee might be invalidated for advancement?
a) were recommended in error.
(b) had advancement recommendation withdrawn
(c) were reduced in rate (ensure reduction in rate
was posted to the enlisted master file).

(d) have been previously advanced under other advancement programs including (but not limited to) STAR, SCORE, CAP, CMAP, etc.
(e) advanced from previous advancement cycles after
resolution of an examination discrepancy or BCNR action.
(5) Correct examination discrepancies.
Candidate's present rate
School completion codes
award points
Total active naval service
Navy Reserve drill time in
Active naval service in
Total PNA points earned from
past cycles and used in the FMS
computation for this cycle
Special group code
Performance mark average
Status of candidate
PNA PTS ___/___
Passed examination but not advanced because of insufficient FMS but received PNA points as indicated for examination score/performance average.
E7/8/9 results forwarded to selection board for consideration.
Did not achieve sufficient examination Standard Score (SS-37) to be authorized lateral change of rate.
No performance mark average was recorded on answer
Candidate lacks a required school.
What is the exam profile purpose?
provides the candidate with information on how well they performed on the examination as compared with other candidates who took the same examination.
What does the exam porfile?
Exam Standard Score (SS); PMA; SIPG; Awards; PNA points; FMS; and Minimum Multiple Required.
What are PNA points?
A PNA point factor is included in the FMS of E4 - E6 candidates who achieve a relatively high score on a
exam/have relatively high PMAs
during an exam cycle in which the candidate competed for advancement but was not advanced because of quota limitations.
How many exams are PNA points good for?
5 exam cycles in that paygrade
Whats the max. PNA points a member can recieve for each cycle?
Whats the maximum number of credited points can be given to member?
How is the PNA factor obtained?
PNA points are multiplied by two to obtain the PNA factor (maximum of 30 points) for FMS calculations.
When converting to other rates, do member get PNA points from previous exams?
What day are E2/E3 advancements posted and by who?
16th day of a month;NAVPERSCOM (PERS-35)
Whats steps to are taken to delay advancement to E2/E3?
repare NAVPERS 1070/613 below and notify NAVPERSCOM (PERS-811/812) by message prior to the prospective advancement date.
Can advancement be delayed after the effective date?
Who has final approval of a members conversion to another rate?
Can members be advanced or frocked to E4 throughout completing petty officer indoc?
What is included in the members service record when transferring on PCS prior to exam results?
a worksheet.
Who does the command notify about transferring members before results?
NETPDTC (N321) via message
(information copy to new command
If a member is a selectee is on PCS orders, what is included in the service record?
a copy of the completed Worksheet and copy of ESVR
If a member is being separated, where do you forward the results?
members address.
What must commands do prior to members separation?
examinations are invalidated for personnel separated prior to
publication of examination results.
Can a member frocking be remove by the CO or OIC if determined ineligible?
Are personnel in a suspended reduction status eligible for advancement?
What happens if a member is in a status of "suspended reduction in rate"?
the suspended status is terminated.
Is withholding or withdrawing advancement used as an alternative disciplinary action?
Can the CO delay a members advancement till the next cycle?
Can a Co withdraw a members recommendation for advancement?
If a recommendation is withdrawn, how is a member s recommendation restored?
by the subsequent EVAL/FITREP