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ar thug N?
did N give?
níor thug N
N didn't give
thug N
N gave
aon phunt déag
eleven pounds
dhá phunt déag
twelve pounds
trí phunt déag
thirteen pounds
ceithre phunt déag
fourteen pounds
cúig phunt déag
fifteen pounds
sé phunt déag
sixteen pounds
aon phingin déag
eleven pence
aon scilling déag
eleven shillings
on you
for me
díreach i gceart
exactly right
an dóigh leat?
do you think so?
for you
siopa Uí Bhroin
Byrne's shop
too big
Thug Seán cúig phunt déag ar a chóta nua.
Seán gave £15 for his new coat.
Ar thug tú mórán ar an ngúna?
Did you pay much for the dress?
Fuair sé ceithre phunt déag air.
He got £14 for it.
Thug siad airgead mór ar an teach.
They gave a lot of money for the house.
Cá bhfuair sé na trí scilling déag?
Where did he get the 13 shillings?
Ar chuir sé an dá phunt déag ar an mbord?
Did he put the £12 on the table?