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ar chuir tú?
did you put?
chuir mé
I put
níor chuir mé
I didn't put
an bainne
the milk
an siúcra
the sugar
an tsubh
the jam
an t-arán
the bread
an t-im
the butter
an t-uisce
the water
to the, for the
am codlata
don chat
for the cat
mall go leor
late enough
suas leat
up with you
níl sé ach a deich a chlog
it's only ten o'clock
Níor chuir sé isteach an rothar.
He didn't put in the bicycle.
Ar chuir daidí isteach an carr?
Did daddy put in the car?
Chuir mamaí suas an leanbh.
Mammy put the child up.
Chuir sí gach rud sa charr.
She put everything in the car.
Ar chuir aon duine amach an cat?
Did anyone put out the cat?
Níor chuir tú isteach é.
You didn't put it in.