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cén t-am ar tháinig sé?
what time did he come?
tháinig sé ar a seacht a chlog
he came at seven o'clock
a seacht a chlog
seven o'clock
a hocht a chlog
eight o'clock
a naoi a chlog
nine o'clock
a deich a chlog
ten o'clock
a haon déag a chlog
eleven o'clock
a dó dhéag a chlog
twelve o'clock
last night
tar éis
early, fast
ní raibh
(it) was not
Cén t-am ar tháinig tú abhaile inné?
What time did you come home yesterday?
Tháinig na cailíní anseo ar a hocht a chlog.
The girls came here at 8 o'clock.
D'imigh sé amach ar a deich a chlog.
He went off out at 10 o'clock.
Bhí sé ag ól ar a haon déag a chlog.
He was drinking at 11 o'clock.
An raibh tú ag fanacht go dtí a seacht a chlog?
Were you waiting until 7 o'clock?