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Preparation and Submission of Dental Equipment and Facilities Report, NAVMED 6750/4
Purpose of BUMEDINST 6750.5
To implement the polocies and procedures for the preparation and submission of the Dental Equipment and Facilities Reort
What form is the Dental Equipment and Facilities Report?
NAVMED 6750/4
How often is the NAVMED 6750/4 submitted?
Every two years
Who submits the NAVMED 6750/4?
Commanding Officers
What about branch clinics?
COs of Naval Dental Centers must submit a separate report for each clinic, annex and support building
Who does not have to submit a NAVMED 6750/4?
Facilities that have only field equipment
When is the NAVMED 6750/4 submitted?
By the 1st of the month
Why is the NAVMED 6750/4 submitted by the first of the month?
So it reaches Chief, BUMED by the 10th of the month
Who is the NAVMED 6570/4 submitted to?
Chief, BUMED
NAVMED 6750/4, part I covers?
Dental Facility Spaces
NAVMED 6750/4, part II covers?
Dental Equipment
NAVMED 6570/4, part II section A covers?
Dental Operating Equipment
NAVMED 6570/4, part II section B covers?
Prosthetic Laboratory Equipment
NAVMED 6570/4, part II section C covers?
Dental X-ray Equipment
NAVMED 6750/4, part III covers??
NAVMED 6750/4, part IV covers??
Remarks and recommendations