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Immunizations and Chemoprohylaxis
Commanders, COs, and OICs ensure what
- all personnel under their jurisdiction receive required immunizations
Who is resposnible to maintain international, federal, state, and local records of all required immunizations?
Commanders, COs, and OICs
When someone trasnfers the Commander, CO, or OIC ensures what?
The person receieves any appropriate immunizations for the area which assigned
Who ensures that policies and procedures for creating and maintaining immunization record are followed?
MTF Commanders, COs and OICs
What concern do MTF COs and OICs have of training
all personnel must be properly trainined
Who must be immediately available when immunizations are being given?
any person who is basic cpr certified
If someone presents with a hypersensitivity to an immunization, what is done?
They are deferred, adn then referred to an allergy specialist.
What does ACIP stand for?
U.S. Public Health Service Advisory COmmittee on Immunization Practices.
Recruits receive what shots?
-adenovirus types 4 and 7
-oral polio virus
When deploying or traveling to high risk areas personnel may receive?
- JE vaccine
- meningococcal
- typhoid
What precautions must a female take if she is given a live virus vaccine?
avoid becoming pregnant for 3 months
What is VAERS?
Vaccine Adverse Reporting System
What makes a reaction adverse?
Hospitilization is required or more than 24 hrs of duty is lost.
Who grant immunization waivers for Navy and Marine Corps personnel?
Chief, BUMED
Adenovirus types 4 and 7
administered orally and simultaneously on a one time basis to recruits
only administered upon travel or deployment to countries requiring the vaccine
When is the flu season?
October to March, in the Norhtern Hemisphere
Who gets rabies?
personnel with high exposure risk
How often is yellow fever given?
every ten years
what prevention counseling is given about malaria
mosquito avoidance, personal protective measues and chemoprophylaxis