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Who exersises DOD responsibilty for Nutritional Standars and Education?
US Army Surgeon General
What 2 nutrients do not have an established recommended dietary allowance or Dietary Refrence Intake but has an approved Military Dietary Intake established?
Sodium & Potassium
The Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE), may be consumed as the sole ration for up to how many days?
21 days
The General Purpose Improved (GP-1) ration contains how many calories?
No adjustment to energy requirements appears to be necessary for environmental temperatures between how many degrees Farenheit?
Each meal served in a military dining facility should contain approximately how many calories?
During periods of light to moderate activity in a temperature climate, an intake of how much fluid per 1,000 cals. expended is considered reasonable?
1 quart
Approximately what percent of total calories consumed should come from foods and beverages with carbohydrate sources?
What is the beverage of choice for preventing dehydration?
Plain cool water or flavored cool water
During the first few days of exposure to high altitude, the recommended daily supplement of beverage is 2-3 quarts with how many carbohydrates per quart to minimize hypohydration and altitude sickness?
50-100 grams