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what is the purpose of the precious metals recovery program
to save money by recycling precious mets and using those funds to offset the cost of supplies
who is required to participate in the pmrp?
all naval medical department activities generating precious metals excesses and waste byproducts.
T/F: pmrp coordinators must be appointed in writing?
what are the responsibilities of the pmrp coordinator?
to implement, monitor and coordinate a formal pmrp.
submit a recovery of precious metals report how often?
to whom should the recovery of precious metals be sent?
NAVMEDLOGCOM with a copy to the supporting healthcare support office.
when should the recovery of precious metals arrive to NAVMEDLOGCOM?
by the last day of the month following the end of the each fiscal quarter
what items are classified as precious metals?
silver, gold, platinum
what items are normally found in the medical department activites
exposed and outdated x-ray film, photographic film, dental scrap, and recovered silver from fixing or stabilizing solutions
who coordinates the pmrp for the navy
naval supply systems command COMNAVSUPSYSCOM
who within DOD has overall management responsibility for the pmrp?
defense logistics agency (DLA)
how often does the pmrp audit board meet to review the internal control prodcedures for recoverable precious metals from tpoint of origin to DRMO?