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How many new business started each year?
Who is John Kluge?
John Kluge ranks as one of the least known but most powerful moguls in the modern television industry in the United States. Kluge proved a group of independent TV stations could make millions of dollars. His Metromedia, Inc. pioneered independent stations operations through the 1960s and 1970s. In the mid-1980s Rupert Murdoch offered Kluge nearly $2 billion for the Metromedia stations, which then served as the basis for Murdoch's FOX television network. This deal made Kluge one the richest persons in the United States.
What caused snowboarding to gain in popularity?
- Resorts allowing snowboards on their mountains

-“outlaw” aspect of snowboarding
Why do businesses fail?
Bad Managment
What are the qualities of a leader?
-Willingness to listen
-Ability to collect and analyze info
-Ability to change decisions
What is a business?
Any organization that strives for profits by providing goods and services that meet customer needs
What makes South West different from the competion
-Dedication to efficiency
-Corporate Culture
-Fun place to work
-Feels like a family
What is a buisness plan
A step by step explanation of how a business will achieve its goals
What is included in a buisness plan?
-Describes the purpose of the company
-Evaluates competition
-Estimates income and expense
-Indicates a strategy for funding
-Provides details of how the firm will carry out its strategy
What is Economics?
How society chooses to employ SCANT resources to produce goods and services and distribute them among various competing groups and individuals
What is Micro economics?
Looks at the behavior of people and organizations in particular markets