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Does Bud's mom die in the story?
What instrument does Bud play first in the story?
the recorder
What instrument does Bud play second in the story?
the saxaphone
Who is the author of the book Bud, Not Buddy?
The book was written by Aiv
What state was the story based in?
What city was Bud going to in the story?
Grand Rapids
Why did the police stops all of the cars?
He was looking for commercial traders.
Why was Mr. Calloway famous?
He was famous for singing.
At the beginning of the book where did Bud live?
A foster home
Did Bud take the shotgun from the Amos' house?
Did Bud get out of the shed?
Why did Bud pour water on Todd's bed?
He poured water on his bed because Todd was mean to Bud.
Who adopted Bud?
The Amos Family
How many other kids did the Amos' have?
Did Bud get on a train to Grand Rapids?
How old was Bud?
11 years old
Name two things that Bud kept in his suitcase.
Rocks and a picture of his mom
How did Bud get to Grand Rapids?
He got a ride from a guy who stopped on the road when he saw Bud walking.
Where did Bud go out to eat for the first time in his life?
The Sweet Pea
How old was Bud when his mother died?
6 years old
Did Bud find out who's room he was sleeping in at Mr. Calloway's house?
Yes, it was his mother's old room.
Does Bud get caught by the police when he ran away from the Amos' house?
No, he made it to Grand Rapids.
Does Bud find his Dad?
No, but he finds his grandfather.
Why is Bud trying to get to Grand Rapids?
To try to find his dad.
Is Todd older than Bud or younger than Bud?