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How does TV impact reality and how does that impact our views of reality?
tv shapes our view of reality. It is more or less a simulated reality

*it is your social perception
How dould we view reality TV?
The things are edited and showed on the screen shows that those are the important things to look at.

*they simulate reality
How do we discover truth in mass communication and the media?
through people with integrity; those who take a chance against those that are in power, etc
Why did Van Doren go along with trickery?
for the money and promoting education
How was the fraud eventually revealed in the Quiz show?
through Van Doren
At the end of quiz show, did the full truth emerge? why?
no b/c Van Doren took the whole blame and noone thought to blame the system.
How do we discover truth in mass communication?
you don't b/c the truth is blurred
How did the Truman show refect the ideas of Marshall McLuhan?
He lived in TV show, where his life is predetermined by technology.

*producers wanted to generate the maximum amount of profit for the show
How does the Truman show reflect the ideas of Walt Disney?
Disney created a fantazied reality; like the Truman show

*tv provides a way of escaping reality
How are the ideas of McLuhan and Disney related?
both believe in technological determinism
What is the role of surveillance in the Truman Show?
to watch his life
What does the Truman show say aout Celebrity culture?
-when you are a celebrity, you are under constant surveillance.

-it is temporary and doesn't ;last
During which major event did the 1984 Apple ad appear?
during the superbowl
Who was the host of the opening of Disneyland?
Ronald Reagan
What did Walt Disney want Disneyland to be?
a 3-d media enviroment
When was the world fair and how many people went?
1939>>> 45 million people went
Why did Walt Disney create Disneyland?
felt that the flat screen was to limiting
What did the opening of the Truman show represent?
that it is all real, all true,... just controlled
What is the main idea behind the Truman Show and the blue pill in the matrix?
it is that we accept the world as it is given to us.
When was the first time that Truman suspected thaty something was wrong?
when one of the lights fell down from the sky
In the Truman show, the show was a metaphor and extension of what?
Who was the one that stated that "we accept the world as it is given to us"?
What was it like inside of the dome in the Truman show?
it was like being in a movie set
What was going on as Truman took his first stepinto the unknown?
everyone else was stayed plugged in
What was the main point behind the Apple ad?
don't let things be predetermined for you
Who was the one that predicted that people wil turn into machines?
george orwell
The 1984 Apple ad was a break through for what?
Who was George Orwell?
the author of the book 1984 and animal farm
What was the main point behind the apple computers?
apple computers will put an end in technological determinism
Which media technology were featured in the ad?
media, tv, computers
According to the ad who will prevail?
human's will prevail
How did the x-files reflect techno-determinism?
their dicoveries gained conciousness of their own and soon turned on them
What mass communcation technologies were used?
How does the X-files reflect Mcluhan's theories?
the fact that the medium is the mesage

*tried to create a sort of matrix
What was the x-files a replacement of?
the movie "The Enemy of State"
What was the popular pereption of the game show "21"?
that the people were really smart
What was the popular perception about the winners in Qiz Show?
that they really knew the answers and marvelled at their knowledge
In Quiz Show, what couldn't the people discern between?
between the real and the fake
What is postmodernism?
the idea that culture is transforming, being inspired by technology, as well as changing ouylooks/ senses of how the world or nature works

-(tells t he ideal society)
*where the media is the dominant and controlling factor
What is the main point behind Blade Runner?
it was saying that the real and artificial is blurring together b/c it is using fictional things to make it look real
What is McLuhans idea about media technologies?
media technologies are tools
What are machines used for?
they are used to mass produce things
What year did the printing press come out?
in 1455
What year did the steam engine come out?
in 1793
How was knowledege transmitted in 1455?
by the printing press
The idea that you could burn coal ,steel,etc and it amplified human labor and made everything around us, came with what invention?
the steam engine
What movie that we watched in class would fit under "gender styles"?
You've got mail
What 2 movies would fit under the "media equation"?
matrix and Truman show
What movie would fit under Agenda Setting and Cultivation?
Wag the Dog
What 2 movies would fit under network cultural studies?
Network and Wag the Dog
A Face in the Crowd was a representation of what study?
What 2 movies would fit under Technological Determinism?
Truman Show and Matrix
Rhetoric, Semiotics, Cultural Studies, Cultivation, Agenda Setting, and Media Equation, are all examples of what?
the message is the message
The idea that the medium is the message is a representation of what study/ theory?
technological determinism
The idea that we are moving beyond machines and that the media and theme are becoming blurred together is a representaion of what?
On the chart, techno. determinsim and gender styles were located where?
in the middle of objective and subjective
On the chart, cultivation, agenda setting, amd media equation were located where?
they were classified as strictly objective theories
On the chart, whaich theory was strictly classified as an Interpretive theory?
cultural studies
On the chart, Rhetoric was classified closer to which end of the chart?
objective side
On the chart, semiotics is located closer to which end of the chart?
interpretive (subjective) end