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According to the textbook semiotics refers to...
things that can stand for something else
Who sets the agenda for the agenda setters?
news editors
What is meant by the "myth of democratic pluralism?"
the belief that society is held together by common norms, equal opportunity, individual rights, and rule of law
Which of the following best describes gender styles?
a)communication factoers between women and men is the product of ideological differences and domination
b)miscommunication between women and men is the product of natural and cultural differences.
B) miscommunication between women and men is the product of natural and cultural differences
According to the text, what analyzes the power and consolidation of the media firms into giant corporations?
Cultural Studies
According to the text, the "Be like Mike " Gatorade ads signify what?
that drinking gatorade is to "reach for the stars"
According to the text, what was the symbolic meaning of the sex pistols rebellious hairstyles and fashions?
that they soon became cliches of the status quo.
What is mainstreaming?
when TV programs are targeted to audiences that share the same orientations, perspectives, and meanings with each other
What does the phrase "minds plowed by TV" mean?
it means that people who watch alot of TV develop cynical beliefs about their own social reality
The symbolic content that TV creates a mental enviroment of fear and anxiety would go under which theory/ study?
cultivation theory
According to the text, what was the role of the media during the first Gulf War?
to decrease the morality of the war by overshadowing televised aesthetics of military tactics
What is agenda setting?
the media may not tell you what to think, but they tell you what to think about
The popularity of how the mass media present a variety of ideas, yet they privalege the existing consensus of accepted interpretations of reality, best describes what?
the production of consent
According to the text, Madonnas manipulation of stereo types and media images helped to do what?
helped female wanna- bes become empowered in thir struggle for individual identity
In "wag the dog", what was the role of the fad king?
to identify trends in culture that could be transmitted back to the populace via media images.
In network , why was Howard Beal given his own TV show, even as he appeared to be losing his mind?
the show generated high ratings which increased the profits of UBS.
In you've got mail, where did Meg and Tom first connect?
in cyberspace
In wag the dog, what was the role of Mr.Fixit?
he had to change the topics and stories that the newsmedia were covering with regard to the president
In the beginning, why did why did the ratings increase so much for the Howard Beal show?
b/c Howard Beal expressed the beliefs of a large segment of hte population
In the end , why did the ratings decline for the Howard Beal show?
he did not express the beliefs of a large segment of the population
In Wag the Dog, when did propaganda come into play?
when Mr. fixit and the hollywood producer created the appearance of a war using fake images and popular symbolism
In network, cultivation theory was reflected by the Howard Beal show
true or false?
In network, what guides decision -making process at UBS with regard to programming?
the ratings of the program
In you've got mail, Tom Hanks advised Meg ryan it was "time to go to the matresses." This was an example of ....
Tom seeking status by offering macho business advise from "The godfather."
Which of the following is true?
a)Howard Beal and Morpheus both believe that they have discovered truth

b)In you've got mail, meg and tom discover the truth about each other via the internet
Why did the president of CCa keep Howard on TV, even as his ratings declined?
b/c Howard Beale was explaining the ideology of globalization to the audience
Which is true?
In you've got mail
a)compters offer ways to connect in reality; in the matrix computers control reality
b)people get all informationfrom the internet; in the matrix, the computers provide no knowledge
In wag the dog, the messages created by Mr. Fixit and the hollywood producer appealed to.....
Creating a fake herofor the news in wag the dog is an example of what?
agenda setting
The "old shoes" in wag the dog is an example of what?
As discussed by Dean Concetta Stewart, women and men do not often realize that they communicae from....
different cultures
As discussed by Dean Stewart, stylistic differences between genders ...
appear early in human behavior
According to Dean Stewart, why does miscommunication happen with both genders?
they often use the same words, but remain "tuned into different frequencies"
According to the guest speaker, what do the teletubbies signify?
a life in which TV is dominant form of socializtion
"Violent video gamesbreed violent behavior" wWhich theory is this?
Cultivation theory
Fahreinheit 9/11 argued that corporate media and the president createda false reason for war. Which theory is this?
Cultural Studies
When Network appeared in 1976, the Howard Beale show was simply a fictional metaphor. Now 28 yrs later what does it show?
the show has largely come true with shows like the Jery Springer show and Howard Stern
The medias use to manipulate truth tio control behavior thru persuasion describes what theory?
propaganda theory
What was the ideology portrayed in network?
coporate capitalism
Which movieis the best example of agenda setting?
Wag the dog
According to the text, what makes agenda setting an attractive theory for many researchers and scholars?
it reaffirms the power of the press while permitting a freedom of speech
According to the cultivation theory the media creates what?
the enviroment from which emerge anti- social behaviors
The idea that the media reflects and reinforces the dominant economic and political ideologies goes with which study?
cultural studies