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what are the 3 segments of the book industry?
publisher, distributor, retailer
what are the 4c's in newspaper?
classifieds(make up 40% of paper)
what is a newshole?
the amount of news that can be printed in one edition (online papers have no limitations)
what are the 6 features of a newspaper?
1. has diverse content
2. conveniently packaged
3. local (school meetings)
4. serves as a historical record
5. performs the watchdog role
6. newspapers are timely (getting news out fast)
what did the john peter zenger trial symbolize?
symbolized blow for press freedom
what is the chief concern of a newspaper?
it's circulation
what ws the significance of the political press?
they openly supported a particular party, function, or cause
what does the first ammendment state?
congress shall make no law ...abridgingthe freedom oof speech or the press
what was yellow journalism?
a was a means where there was more aggressive reporting, new energy (popular layouts and displays),more readers
what topics were covered during yellow journalism?
se, murder, self-promotion, and human intrest stories
what were the four changes that the penny press brought about concerning newspapers?
1. the basis of economic support
2. the pattern of distribution
3. the definition of what constituted news
4. the techniques of news collection (increased it's speed)
during the early 20th century, what changes occured with the newspaper?
-circulation and profits went up
-number of daily newspapers decreased
-number of cities with competing newspapers decreased
what were the reasons/cause for newspaper changes in the 20th century?
-cost of new technology was to expensive
-advertisers showed a preference for the paper w/ the largest circulation
-consolidation had increased profits in the railroad, grocery, etc and newspapers publishers decided it could do the same for them
what changes occured w/ the paper concerning the great depression?
1.circulation increased, but income of the indusrty decreased
2.there was an emergence of radio as a competitor for national ad. dollars
what was the significance of the newspaper, "USA Today"?
-had splashy graghics & color
-short, easy to read stories
-many graghs,charts, &tables
-factiods (a list of boiled down this one)
what are the 2 sources of income for a newspaper?
what are some problems concerning circulation of papers?
-papers w/ small circulation have more trouble trying to attract adverisers
-price varies
what is the purpose of the ABC (audit bureau of circulation)for newspapers?
-to establish ground rules for counting circulation, make sure rules are enforced, and provide written reports of circulation data
-audits about 3/4 0f all print media in the U.S.
what did early magazine content consist of?
they were storehouses of varied literary materials gathered from books, pamphlets, and newspapers and bound together under one cover
what happened during the penny press era of mags. and what impact did it have?
-mags flourished and that was when muckraking started
-improved printing techno.
-postal act of 1879
-became more specialized
why was their a surge in mags.
-more available money
-better printing techniques
-postal act 1879 (gave mags. special mailing rates)
what was the significance of the muckrakers?
went and got info. on corrupt practices in the big buisness
what is the relationship now between the internet and the magazine?
experts believe that it would be diificult to launch a print mag. w/o launching a website. (they compliment each other)
what are the defining features of a magazine? pictures
3.most in tune w/ social trends
4.convenient(easy to package)
what are the 2 ways to organize the mag. industry?
content and function
what are the 6 categories that make up the content of the mag. industry?
1.general consumer &trade publications
3.custom mags.
4.literary reviews/ academic journals
6.public relations mags.
what are the 3 functions that help classify the mag. industry?
what are thee 2 types of circulation when it deals with mags.?
-paid: subscription
-controlled:available to certain markets
what type of feedback fo mags. receive?
ABC (audit bureau circulation): look at statistics for mags& newsletter
what were some characteristics of the early books?
-sometimes on scrolls
-put together by monks
-thought of as a work of art
-more religious
what was the significance of gutenburg's printing press concerning books?
the change in printing technology and the growth of literacy helped the publishing indusrty
what was the significance of the penny press era when it dealt with books?
-changes in the printing technology
-more focused content
-libraries started developing
-more leisure time
-became a status symbol
what are the 2 defining features of books?
-least sold (mass)
-oldest form of mass media
what were e- books and why didn't they take off?
-books online
-b/c it was hard to read online, formats weren't compatible, weren't really enough books
what was the whole concept of printing on demand and it's 3 advatages?
u can go to the book store and get the book of choice printed in 15 min.
- adv... publishers don't have to guess how many books they should print, eliminates all expensive productions and shipping, and guarantees that no books will be returned unsold
who are the audience that are considered for books?
-pple over 40
-pple around 25 or younger count for about 5% of the industry
what are the 3 segments of the book industry?
publisher, retailer, and distributor
what are the 2 main channels by which books get to consumers?
traditional method (publishers ship books to a wholesaler where it is sent to a retail outlet for consumers)
- online booksellers (where consumer orders a book from a website and the book is shipped to them)
which segment of the book industry has developed a classification system for the industry based upon the market that is served.
what are some examples of book retailers?
barnes and noble and college bookstores
what were the general features of the early newspaper?
-few papers
-printers and post makers did most of early publishing
-news wasn't as timely
-they were published only by the permission of local govt.
newspapers grew during revolutionary war and most were partisan siding w/ colonies or crown. all of this prompted the beginnings of what?
political press
this came fromt the vortex of the debate between federalits and anti- federalists?
first amendment and bill of rights
what were the significant changes during the civil war time for paper?
-inverted pyramid was introduced
-newspapers grew faster than the population
this introduced more attractive newspaper designs...?
yellow journalism
what changes in the paper characterize the early 20th century?
-newspaper chains grew quickly
-jazz journalism was introduced
how were papers catergorized during jazz journalism?
-richly illustrated w/ photographs
what changes occured w/ dailies and advertising during the great depression?
-total income of paper industry decreased
-profitable papers were unable to stay in business
-the emergence of radio was a competitor for advertising dollars
what were some post war chracteristics?
-circulation decrease in cities and big cities
-number of cities w/ competing dailies dropped
-chains continued to grow
what were problems with circulation concerning papers?
-the ratio of newspaperspers per household has declined (daily newspapers aren't keeping pace w/ overall growth of pop.)
what are the steps taken in the ABC concerning papers?
-publishers keep records of circulation data
-file circ. statement to ABC
-ABC disseminates to clients and audits once a year
when it comes to the paper, what is the audiences response?
-% of adults reading the paper has declined(18-44)
-print is losing readers to online
what two things did mags. do during the penny press era?
-expanded appeal/ coverage and aimed for literate middle class
-showed the importance of women
what was the impact of the mag. boom?
-pple started to recognize the potential for national advertising
-crusading spirit increased...muckraking came into play
when it concerns mags., what were muckarakers and their significance?
they were mags. that published exposes and encouraged reform
what was the initial reaction of mags. concerning the internet?
viewed competitors w/ apprehension b/c they feared online products would take away readers and ads. revenue
what are 2 advantages and disadvantages of digital delivery?
-can contain audio, and video files and hyperlinks
-for publishers, it is much cheaper to deliver mags. digitally

*not everyone likes to read from a screen
*have to download special software
what does the ABC do for the mags.?
gives info. on who is reading/ reports mags. average paid circulation and rate base (# of buyers guaranteed by mag &# mags. uses to compute ad. rates)
how was printing during the colonial days of the mag.?
early publishers functioned as printers and sometimes as authors (ben franklin was a printer -publisher)
what were 3 significant things that occured during the penny press era of books?
-bookreading became a symbol of education and knowledge
-# of libraries tripled
-specialized books also appeared
what helped fuel the paper back boom?
soldiers turned to reading to fill the idle time between campaigns