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Ethical Relativism
asserting that actions must be judged by what individuals feel is right or wrong for themselves
Exclusive State Jurisdiction
-diversity of citzenship
-over $75,000 in contraversy
-federal question
Long Arm Statute
-allows courts to obtain jurisdiction over non resident defendants under the following condition

1. has committed a tort w/in the state
2. owns property w/in the state that property is the subject matter of the lawsuit
3. has entered into a contract w/in the state
4. has transacted business w/in the state and if that business is the subject matter of the lawsuit
Quasi Contract
-benefit bestowed upon defendent
-knowingly accepted
-unjustly enrichment occurs to defendant
-the amount the defendant has to pay is a reasonable amount
Promissory Estoppel
-promise is made that can be easily relied
-the promise is easily relied
-unjust results if promise isnt fulfilled
Mutual Assent
offer has to be:

1) Definiteness
2) properly communicated
3) have to be viewd objectively

-offers can expire based on time
-offers can be revoked or reject before acceptance