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350 BC Aristotle
The first systematic study of biology
400 BC Hippocrates
approached medicine in an empirical approach
160 Galen
Medicine through careful observations and experimentation
1543 Andreas Vesalius
published an accurate account of human anatomy
1628 William Harvey
elucidated the role of the heart in human blood circulation
1665 Robert Hooke
discovered cells
1673 Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
invented a powerful microscope to observe unicellular microorganisms
1735 Carolus Linnaeus
developed a classification system for biological organisms
1789 Edward Jenner
developed vaccination against small pox
1839 Mathias Schleiden and Theodore Schwann
proposed the cell theory
1858 Charles Darwin
proposed the theory of evolution
1864 Louis Pasteur
proposed the germ theory
1866 Gregor Mendel
proposed the theory of genetic inheritance
1928 Alexander Fleming
discovered penicillin
1953 Watson and Crick
proposed the structure of DNA