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What are the unique lymphoid structures of lagamorphs?
Sacculus rotundus (distal ileum)
Vermiform appendix (end of cecum)
What causes snuffles in rabbits?
Pasturella multocida
Where does "snuffles" manifest in rabbits?
Suppurative bronchopneumonia to fibrinous pleuropneumonia;
Genital tract infections;
Abscesses everywhere!!!
What are major causes of rabbit diarrhea?
Clostridium spiroforme or difficle;
Mucoid enteropathy;
Lawsonia intracellularis
Tyzzer's disease is caused by...
...Clostridium piliforme
What is the "triad" of lesions seen in rabbit Tyzzer's disease? What histological sign is diagnostic?
Cecal, hepatic, and cardiac damage;
See "pick up sticks" or "chinese characters"
Diarrhea + hepatic necrosis in a rabbit usually =
Tyzzer's Disease!!
White spots on a rabbit liver and along bile ducts is indicative of...
...Coccidiosis!! Eimeria stiedae
What can cause brain inflammation and kidney lesions in the rabbit?
Encephalitozoon cuniculi
What are symptoms of myxomatosis in rabbits?
Perigenital edema
T or F:
Rabbits rarely get ear mites.
False! They get psoroptic mange
Which disease is reportable in rabbits? What is the causative agent?
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (Calicivirus)
What are lesions associated with rabbit hemorrhagic disease? What causes this disease?
bloody froth from nose/mouth;
multifocal hemmorage (esp lung);
hepatic necrosis w/prominent zonal patterns
(caused by a Calicivirus)
Ulcerative lesions in the ferret stomach are likely caused by...
...Helicobacter mustelae!
What are two important multisystemic viral diseases of ferrets?
Aleutian disease (parvo)
What are common lesions associated with Aleutian disease?
Speckled kidneys (amyloid deposits);
Perivascular reaction in CNS
What happens if you don't spay your ferret jill?
Hyperestrogenemia with prolonged heat leads to bone marrow suppression and anemia
What is a deficiency-caused alimentary disease that Guinea Pigs and Primates share?
Hypovitaminosis C (Scurvy)
What is the BIG DISEASE of gerbils? How do these animals die?
Lawsonia enteritis ("wet tail"); causes death by dehydration
What is the most common disease in gerbils?
Tyzzer's disease
What causes chronic respiratory disease in rats?
Mycoplasma pulmonis
What is the most common cancer of the mouse? What is the pathogenesis of this?
Mammary adenocarcinomas have a viral component
Rodents carry many zoonotic agents of concern. What are some of these?
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus
Streptobacillus moniliformis (rat bite fever)
lots of other...
Which is spread vertically?
a) TB
b) Avian influenza
c) Leishmaniasis
d) Classical Swine Fever
d) Classical Swine Fever
What zoonotic disease is also known as rabbit fever?
What are protozoan parasites causing dermatitis in dogs?
Leishmania, Neospora, Toxoplasma
What is a rabbit dz w/high mortality and no vector?
Rabbit hemorrhagic disease
Which disease is not of concern to an AVIC?
a) WNV
b) Equine viral arteritis
c) EPM
d) Bovine paraTB
e) Equine herpes virus I
Equine Viral Arteritis
What is the most likely travel history of a dog w/blastomycosis?
Ohio/Mississippi River Valley
______dz is transmissible between animals via direct or airborne transmission.
Names of familes of 4 viruses that can cause vesicular dz in pigs
Picorna (FMD)
Calici (VES)
Rhabdo (VS)
Entero (SVD)
What is the typical clinical presentation of FMD in cows? pigs? Goats and sheep? Humans?
decreased eating/increased salivation/lameness (cows/pigs);
reduced signs (goats/sheep);
no signs (humans)
Viral agent causes abortion and neurologic dz in pigs; can affect other species
Mycotic granulomatous pneumonia and encephalitis in dog from central ca
Cause of typhlitis and hepatitis in some birds?
Lesions in Oregon llama with hemorrhagic lung and nasty brain. What is the cause?
Cryptococcus gatti
Which requires a vector?
a) Brucellosis
b) Rinderpest
c) Bluetongue
d) MCF
e) Aujesky’s dz
c) Bluetongue
T or F:
Endocrine dermatopathy is a feature of hyperthyroidism.
False! It is not!