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Which nerves form the lumbosacral plexus?
Ventral brs. of L3 - L7 and S1 - S3 spinal nn.
ID these nerves (medial view).
A - Femoral n.
B - Saphenous n.
C - Obturator n.
D - Sciatic n.
E - Tibial n.
Where does the femoral nerve arise from? What nerve does it give rise to?
L4 - 6 spinal nn.
Saphenous n.
What structures does the saphenous n. course with proximally (in the femoral triangle)? How about more distally?
Proximally - femoral a. and v.
Distally - Saphenous a. and Medial saphenous v.
What does the femoral n. innervate?
Iliopsoas, quadriceps femoris mm.
What does the saphenous n. innervate?
sartorius m. (usually)
Which nerves provide cutaneous innervation to the following areas? (medial view in case you couldn't tell)
A - Genitofemoral n.
B - Caudal cutaneous femoral n.
C - Saphenous n.
D - Caudal cutaneous sural n.
E - Cutaneous brs. of superficial peroneal n.
Where is the saphenous nerve tested?
Medial aspect of the stifle
How would dysfunction of the femoral nerve present?
Inability to extend stifle or support weight, reduced ability to rotate thigh inward, and loss of sensation over the medial stifle region.
From which spinal nerves does the obturator nerve arise?
L4 - L6
Which muscles does the obturator nerve innervate?
External obturator and adductors of the pelvis (adductor, pectineus, and gracilis) mm.
T or F:
Dysfunction of the obturator nerve would result in loss of sensation to the inguinal region and inability to adduct the hip and thigh.
False, dumbass!
Obturator has no cutaneous innervation! Try and get it right next time...
OK here is an easy one - through which foramen does the obturator n. pass?
Obturator foramen
From which spinal nerves does the caudal cutaneous femoral nerve arise?
Ventral brs. of S1 and S2 (+/- S3)
Which spinal nerves give rise to the lumbosacral trunk? Which nerves does this trunk give rise to?
Ventral brs. of L6, L7, and S1 (+/- S2).
Gives rise to Cranial gluteal, caudal gluteal, and sciatic nn.
Which muscles does the cranial gluteal nerve innervate?
Middle gluteal, piriformis, deep gluteal, and tensor fascia latae mm.
Which region depicts the cutaneous area of the cranial gluteal nerve? How 'bout the caudal cutaneous femoral n.?
Dumbass! The cranial gluteal nerve has NO cutaneous area! Hopefully you got that D is the region for the caudal cutaneous femoral n.!!
ID these nerves of the rump (lateral view).
A - Sciatic n.
B - Caudal gluteal n.
C - Lumbosacral trunk
D - Cranial gluteal n.
Which muscles does the caudal gluteal nerve innervate?
Superficial gluteal m.
Which muscles does the sciatic nerve innervate within the pelvis?
Internal obturator
Quadratus femoris mm.
Which muscles does the sciatic nerve innervate caudal to the hip?
Biceps femoris
Semitendinosus mm.
Which nerves course over the greater ischiatic notch?
Nerves of the lumbosacral trunk
(Sciatic, caudal and cranial gluteal nn.)
ID these nerves
A - Sciatic n.
B - Tibial n.
C - Peroneal n.
What spinal nerves give rise to the sciatic n.? The common peroneal n.? The tibial n.?
Sciatic - L6, L7 & S1 (+/- S2)
Peroneal - L6/7
Tibial - L7 & S1
What are the sensory branches of the sciatic nerve? What do they branch off of?
Lateral and caudal cutaneous sural nn. from common peroneal and tibial nn. (respectively).
What does the common peroneal nerve provide motor innervation to?
flexors of the hock and extensors of the digits
What does the tibial nerve provide motor innervation to?
extensors of the hock and flexors of the digits
What are the branches of the common peroneal and what do they innervate?
Superficial peroneal n. innervates lateral digital extensor and peroneaus brevis mm.

Deep peroneal n. innervates cranial tibial, long digital extensor, and peroneus longus mm.
Which arteries do the superficial and deep peroneal nerves course with distally?
Superficial courses w/ saphenous a. and deep courses with cranial tibial a.
The cutaneous areas for which nerves are depicted here?
A - Deep Peroneal n.

Superficial peroneal n. for all the rest
What are symptoms of peroneal nerve damage?
Inability to flex the hock or extend the digits leads to knuckling.
Loss of sensation to dorsal aspect of the crus and pes and between digits II and III
ID the nerves innervating these cutaneous areas.
A - Lateral cutaneous femoral n.
B - Lateral cutaneous sural n.
C - Caudal cutaneous sural n.
D - Cutaneous brs. of sephanous n.
E - Superficial peroneal n.
Which muscles does the tibial nerve innervate?
Gastrocnemius m.
Superficial digital flexor m.
Popliteus m.
Deep Digital flexor m.
Caudal tibial m.
ID these nerves (lateral aspect)
A - Sciatic n.
B - Tibial n.
C - Common peroneal n.
D - Deep peroneal n.
E - Superficial peroneal n.
What is the sensory region of the tibial nerve?
Plantar surface of the pes.
How would tibial nerve damage peresent?
Dropped hock (inability to extend hock)
Inability to flex digits
Loss of sensation on caudolateral crus and plantar pes.
Which nerves generate the following autonomous zones?
A - Genitofemoral n.
B - Saphenous
C - Peroneal
D - Tibial
E - Sciatic
F - Caudal cutaneous femoral
G - Lateral cutaneous femoral